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Introduction to an Easy, Ap-peel-ing Planted Tank Addition: Banana Plants

Posted by Augusta Hosmer on

8 Facts about the banana plant (Nymphoides aquatica), a fun and easy grower sure to be a conversation-starting newcomer in your planted fish tank.  Read Time: 5 minutes 1. Funny enough, the 'bananas' really are food  What are the bananas on Nymphoides aquatica? They're actually uniquely modified storage organs (tubers) designed to build up nutrients for later use. We eat bananas for food. So does Nymphoides, in a way.  2. When we say they're easy to keep, they're easy in every way you can think of Like most aquarium plants, they're great in high-light/high-nutrient conditions, but aquatic banana plants can survive (even thrive) as a...

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