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Cheap Aquarium Plant Package

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Hey Folks

I've got some plants that have just been sitting in my tanks growing out Submerged growth. We've done the hard leg work and provided a fully aquatic plant for this package.

We are offering you 4 plants for $19.95. We think we are crazy. We have 6 plants for us to pick from. You buy the package and we send you 4 out of 6 plants you ordered.

Note all of the plants will be arriving with submerged growth and are in the end of their conversion process. Expect a quick recovery of any plant you receive in this package.

The 6 plants we will be choosing your 4 from are:
Small Amazon Sword - Background Plant
Pogostemon Stellata - Background Plant
Rotala Nanjenshan- Midground Plant
Ludwigia Repens - May receive this grown above water. Underwater supplies are limited even more than the other plants available - Background Plant
Mayaca Vandelli - Midground Plant
Saggitaria Teres- Midground Plant