Standard Double LED - "The Standard in Planted Aquarium Lighting"

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...It's Time

Welcome to a better planted aquarium.  Our Standard Double LED Planted Aquarium Lights were made to make your plants grow like crazy.

We have to copy the sun remember?

Our LED Aquarium Lights have become a favorite in the aquarium plant hobby.  They easily and quickly enhance the look of low light aquarium plants and will bring you to the "Tier 2" aquarium plants.

We have multiple customers with over 8 - Yes I said 8 of our Standard Double Planted Aquarium LED Lights.  Why? Because they give your plants what they need.

Our aquarium led lights deliver what is called the best, "Spectral Composition"  You and I both know there are all kinds of different colors of lights you can use in your house.  Well it is the same with LED Lights.  Not all LED's put out the correct spectral composition. (Even if they might look bright to your own human eyes.)

The Standard Double Aquarium LED comes with TWO PACKED Rows of LEDS.  (Hence the "Double" in the name)  

How packed ?

Our best selling size, the 48 incher, has 108 LEDS... On one half.

YES- 216 LED's... the correct type of LEDs in our 48 fixture.

...and that 48 inch fixture only pulls 48 watts of power!

(A 48 inch fixture will fit a 40L, 55, 75 or 90 gallon) 

These lights are called the "Standard Double" because they will fit most standard aquarium sizes.  The Standard Double is best suited for aquarium that are up to 24 inches tall.   (Any aquarium deeper than 24 inches should consider the "Blaster Series')

Our LED Aquarium Lights will fit most standard aquarium lengths. They come with legs and we recommend that you run them directly over your aquarium...without a hood.  That said. If you have a glass lid, you can just lay them right over top of the glass. This will reduce the amount of light that reaches your plants however.

While LED lights are slightly more of initial investment, unlike t5 bulbs, THEY LAST FOR OVER 50,000 hours!  (or 5 years!)    Not to mention, the light they give off is just better!.

OUR AQUARIUM LED LIGHTS ARE FULL STRIPS- You aren't paying for a fixture and asked to "Stretch this out to make it 48 inches." 

NOPE- Our LIGHTS COME STACKED with LEDS in them.   Only the last inch doesn't have LEDS in it.

Again, Our lights have the spectral composition that your plants need.  While we don't supply the exact spectral composition, or PAR Value (PAR is just a measurement of light in a range- but not the ACTUAL Nanometers/ Spectral Composition)

----We do have a NO BS- 60 Day (not 30)  Yes- 60 Day Money back Guarantee.

Don't Forget To Buy our Growth Juice and Iron Supplements for your plants!!

CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! (Just purchase the next size up and let us know the exact length. Put a note in the comments. "I bought a 48 inch, I need it 44 inches") 

Look- If you aren't happy with the lights after 60 days. Simply SEND THEM BACK FOR A FULL REFUND.  We will even cover shipping!

Grab some of our BEST SELLING LED AQUARIUM LIGHTS and be ready to have your planted tank blow your mind!

(Don't take my word for it. Look at all of these pictures and testimonials then grab some for you and your aquarium.)


Goldfish Member Travis N. is killing it with these lights!

growth with standard double

"2 1/2 months in.. no question Dustin your lights are the shit... I couldn't be happier with the results." Travis N.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Rugged, Very Bright Light

I've been in the hobby only a few years, but I’ve been using Dustin’s standard double almost since the beginning. As I’ve learned to be more patient with plants, I’ve ended up running them at half to find balance in smaller tanks. That's how bright they are. I have a Fluval 3.0 and a Finnex Planted+ on my other two tanks, and the standard double is far and away the brightest light. The nice thing is that even running it at half, you dial in a great mix of light depending on how you want it to be. The yellow plant strip is right in the 6500-7500k sweet spot for growing, and the white strip doesn't have nearly enough of the blue to be unnatural and annoying. So, if I'm focusing on the fish, or I'm deciding to really go after the plants, the standard double can more than handle it.

One other plus that I should definitely talk up is how tough the standard double is. Once, I was on the phone with Dustin's sidekick Josh, and I said, “During water changes, shit happens!" He's like, "Yeah man, I know what you mean." The standard doubles are the definition of the proverbial tank. They'll take all kinds of beating and still be bright and awesome.

My only complaint is about the ballast(?). The part that goes between the power cable and optional dimmers (which you should get) goes bad very quickly. Service within a reasonable period is great. When the other one went bad, it was way past the 60 days, and I didn't complain. D is totally reasonable and will work with you on this.

So, bright lights, correct spectrum, great service. It's a great light and a great experience!

Nothing but awesome!!!!

I bought a 72" standard double and it is super bright, and not big and bulky like a lot of other lights out there. I wasn't sure at first and tried cheap lights that I was never happy with, then I figured I couldn't go wrong with a light that the plant guy designed and swears by. I am very happy with this light and so are my plants, I'll be buying more soon!!!! Thanks Dustin!! Tank On!!!

Seriously Good Light

This isn’t your everyday LED. My goto lights had been aquaneat and FluvalSmart 3.0, but these do the work so well. I have one on a 75 gallon growing repens as carpet easily and another on a 53 gallon growing everything. I was worried about water depth but it’s not been an issue with these. I set them up with a simple cheap WiFi outlet timer, from Amazon, for easy consistency.


The light fits perfect on the tank. Couldn't be more impressed with the quality. That paired with the growth juice I have high hopes for this tank. (My first planted) Thanks Dustin!


I have a 125 gal tank. Replaced my old LED light, which was only 48", with a 72" Double Standard. WOW! Just amazing. So much brighter and natural looking. I can't believe I waited so long to get one of your lights. Love it!!! Thank you so much.