Standard Double LED - "The Standard in Planted Aquarium Lighting"

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100% money back guarantee


Our Hot Selling Standard Double LED JUST GOT BETTER.


  • Computer chips get faster and better each year. (remember your old Tandy or Gateway?)
  • Cell phones keep getting better....
  • Cars get faster and more efficient each year....


OUR BEST SELLING 48 inch Standard Double NOW HAS 20% MORE POWER (35 to 42w)

(Don't get caught up in that...each size light is different, some more some less)

  • The boards the LED's are mounted to are more efficient which mean better conversion of electricity to light.
  • They are also more center mounted for less blocking from the housing
  • AND the LEDs are better :)

Yes.  They have the SAME METAL HOUSING and look like the photos.

(Think of it like your car,  the body and interior of your car is the same. ONLY THE ENGINE HAS MORE POWER)

...So yeah...It's Time

Welcome to a better planted aquarium.  Our Standard Double LED Planted Aquarium Lights were made to make your plants grow like crazy.

We have to copy the sun remember?

Our LED Aquarium Lights have become a favorite in the aquarium plant hobby.  They easily and quickly enhance the look of low light aquarium plants and will bring you to the "Tier 2" aquarium plants.

We have multiple customers with over 8 - Yes I said 8 of our Standard Double Planted Aquarium LED Lights.  Why? Because they give your plants what they need.

Our aquarium led lights deliver what is called the best, "Spectral Composition"  You and I both know there are all kinds of different colors of lights you can use in your house.  Well it is the same with LED Lights.  Not all LED's put out the correct spectral composition. (Even if they might look bright to your own human eyes.)

The Standard Double Aquarium LED comes with TWO PACKED Rows of LEDS.  (Hence the "Double" in the name)  

How packed ?

Our best selling size, the 48 incher, has 108 LEDS... On one half.

YES- 216 LED's... the correct type of LEDs in our 48 fixture.

...and that 48 inch fixture only pulls 48 watts of power!

(A 48 inch fixture will fit a 40L, 55, 75 or 90 gallon) 

We are NOW SHIPPING these from DFT, so you will get them faster! These sizes come from the manufacturer: 18", 60", & 72". 

These lights are called the "Standard Double" because they will fit most standard aquarium sizes.  The Standard Double is best suited for aquarium that are up to 24 inches tall.   (Any aquarium deeper than 24 inches should consider the "Blaster Series')

Our LED Aquarium Lights will fit most standard aquarium lengths. They come with legs and we recommend that you run them directly over your aquarium...without a hood.  That said. If you have a glass lid, you can just lay them right over top of the glass. This will reduce the amount of light that reaches your plants however.

While LED lights are slightly more of initial investment, unlike t5 bulbs, THEY LAST FOR OVER 50,000 hours!  (or 5 years!)    Not to mention, the light they give off is just better!.

OUR AQUARIUM LED LIGHTS ARE FULL STRIPS- You aren't paying for a fixture and asked to "Stretch this out to make it 48 inches." 

NOPE- Our LIGHTS COME STACKED with LEDS in them.   Only the last inch doesn't have LEDS in it.

Again, Our lights have the spectral composition that your plants need.  While we don't supply the exact spectral composition, or PAR Value (PAR is just a measurement of light in a range- but not the ACTUAL Nanometers/ Spectral Composition)

----We do have a NO BS- 60 Day (not 30)  Yes- 60 Day Money back Guarantee.

(We stand behind our product too, if you have a bad power supply or something is up down the road -WE FIX IT.)

CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! (Just purchase the next size up and let us know the exact length. Put a note in the comments. "I bought a 48 inch, I need it 44 inches") 

Look- If you aren't happy with the lights after 60 days. Simply SEND THEM BACK FOR A FULL REFUND. 

Grab some of our BEST SELLING LED AQUARIUM LIGHTS and be ready to have your planted tank blow your mind!

(Don't take my word for it. Look at all of these pictures and testimonials then grab some for you and your aquarium.)


Goldfish Member Travis N. is killing it with these lights!

growth with standard double

"2 1/2 months in.. no question Dustin your lights are the shit... I couldn't be happier with the results." Travis N.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
Mark Broge
Not sure why I waited

About the light: it's awesome. Six brightness levels, long cord, sturdy aluminum construction, and it really makes the tank pop. There are mounting ears to clamp it to the tank's top so it won't go anywhere. The light 'it throws off is amazing.

I hesitated before buying one of these because frankly, the pics on the website don't tell much about how it will integrate or mount. I have a Marineland hood with day/night lighting, and this won't fit under it - so now I'm buying a new glass top, which are actually hard to find.

Pics show the light bar across the top of my 29g/30" tank, and the highest and lowest brightness settings.

If you're on the fence, don't be, grab one and some Growth Juice and get busy! Just know you might need to lose the lid or get a glass top to make it truly work.

Adriana Grgas
Friggin GREAT lights

Okay so I had my 24" on my turtle tank for the plants that survive, and just to boost my turtles mood over all with great natural lighting. But here's the real badass kicker! I dropped my light in my tank (not the wire side) almost half submerged in water for a probably 10 seconds as I was quickly gathering the other things that fell I saw that and immediately took it out dried it off and left it out in the sun, probably 3 hours later I plug it back in and the suckers working just fine!! No problems, still, working just fine, so that's friggin awesome!

John Cruse
72 inch Standard Double LED

Shipped on time , great packaging , nice and cleanly built . Have not set this led up on the tank yet . In the middle of a total make over .

Glen Sexton
New light

I just got my new light it much brighter than my old light I know my plants are going to be healthier

Stefanie K
Bombastic Balance!

Bought these lights 5 years ago, still running strong. This is a photo of my tank after being gone for 3 weeks, taken an hour after I got home. No water changes, house and tank 90°F, heavily stocked with shrimp, neons, kuhli loaches, otocinclus', and a couple snails. If I hadn't had the plants and dirt, my tank would have cratered. The plants grew like crazy and sucked up the excess CO2 produced in the hotter water. Dirted tanks and good lights on a timer really work. This is no CO2, just fish food on a timer every 2 days. Thank you for Dirted Planted tanks!