Background Plants

Background Aquarium Plants. A great background can really define your entire aquarium. We stock all kinds of fast growing background aquarium plants that will create some great depth in your tanks. Jungle vallisneria is one of my favorite background plants. It takes a second to get used to a new aquarium and might melt back, but will reward you with tall, lush growth once it gets established. We also carry many Large Amazon Swords which will quickly fill up the background of your aquarium. I also stock TWO types of Crinum. Both Crinum Natans and Crinum Calamistratum. Both have a unique look with their crinkly leaves. Both Water Wisteria and Water Sprite will grow quickly and fill in your background nicely. (They are also nice floating plants as well) We also carry some great crypts that get taller and make a nice background plant. Check out Crypt Balansae and Crypt Spiralis.