Anacharis Elodea (Easy Low Light Aquarium Plant)

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*ATTENTION* This product ILLEGAL in Al, CA, CO, CT, ID, IL, IN, LA, MA, ME, MI, MS, NE, NH, NY, OR,SC, VT, WA, WI

Anacharis Elodea is a super hardy plant that I should have been carrying a long time ago. I'm all about beginners and this is about as beginner of a plant as you can get. Elodea (or Anacharis) is commonly used in ponds as well as aquariums. What I really like about Anacharis Elodea is how you can just break off a piece of it and shove it down in your substrate and grow a whole new plant.


You have to love any plant that can handle that. Anacharis also is a great "filtering" plant. It can easily absorb excess nutrients in your tank. (That doesn't mean skip your water changes people) Anacharis has thick, sometimes bright green leaves (dependant on the light it is under) and is great for oxygen exchange. Here is a link to an old school Species Sunday video I did about Elodea/ Anacharis.

Another "filtering plant you might look into is Hornwort! This plant is great for any invertebrates.

Care Scale of 1-10 ( 1 it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)

Anacharis Elodea is a 1--- Almost a .5 :)


Can handle super low lighting, grows faster in higher light

Where to plant:


Get Elodea it while you can.

NOT Legal in Washington, Maine and several other states because of it's invasive nature. (We will just refund you if it is not available in your location :)

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Sally T.
Love my purchases!

I discovered Dustin's at Aquashella in Orlando where I bought an Anarchis and a purple Mystery Snail. The prices on both were very reasonable, and both plant and snail are doing great!

Anthony Halm

I am very satisfied!
I highly recommend Dustin's Fish tanks!

Brittany Jackson

Arrived in great condition. a few snails hitched a ride, but were easily plucked off.

Quick arrival, keeping fingers crossed

Given the COVID situation, I decided to install a small water feature/pond in my backyard as a quarantine project. Just used one of the round 35 gallon tubs that the big orange box store sells. I made some decorative items, decided to add fish, and zeroed in on Dustin's as a place that seemed to offer many types of aquarium/pond plants in one spot. Surprisingly not easy to find that kind of thing.
I ordered the Elodea as part of my test run for the pond to see if anything survives. The plant arrived in just 2 days -- one earlier than expected per USPS -- and it was well packed and wet. A couple of tiny snails tagged along but were easily taken care of by rinsing the plant. Though if I missed one, will it matter? Maybe one of the fish will eat it. I dunno.
I'm not an expert, but the plant looked healthy and I quickly installed it at the bottom of my little pond (rubber band and a rock were the required tools). It's too early to tell how it will do, but the fish are still alive, the water is a little bit clearer and no plants have died. The proof will be when I come back to buy more plants later on.

Very healthy

Got some really nice stems of anacharis that I ordered because a family member was asking about them. I shared with some friends right away and all are doing fantastic and growing well.