Hornwort (The ultimate cover for Fish Fry)

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*Notice* This is a handful portion of Hornwort for $6.95 This stuff grows FAST. Only offering a handful portion.

Hornwort or Ceratophyllum is a super easy to grow plant for your planted aquarium. Hornwort is sometimes called Guppy Grass. I am not sure why it is called Guppy Grass. The obvious answer is that it is great for breeding guppies and other small fishes. The small leaves on Hornwort are perfect for small fry to hide from predators. What else I like about Hornwart is how fast it grows.

Aquarium plants that grow at this kind of rate make for great "filtering" type plants. They can grow and absorb excess nutrients in your planted tank. We have lots of this plant and other fast growing filter plants like Java Moss and Duckweed. Just let us know what you are looking to do.

This plant has super fine leaves which will grow quickly as we have stated, however because of this, expect some of these leaves to fall off initially in your aquarium. This is normal.  It will grow back new growth almost as quickly as it dropped a few :)

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Tina Heffley
Interesting Plant

I did get more than enough plant and it was well worth the price I paid. I gave the extra to my local pet store. Unfortunately after a couple days I decided it wasn't a good fit for my small tank and the dropped needles made quite a mess. I ended up removing it. Awesome looking plant though. Very green and fluffy looking.

Norman Nikruto


Arrived in great condition

This was our first purchase of a plant for our aquarium. It arrived quickly and in great condition. It was easy to quarantine and is doing well in the tank.

Robert Gamache
great hornwort

Plants arrived on time and in good shape. I was impress with how much I received. I ordered two plants thinking one for each tank. What I received was enough for four tanks. I will definitely be ordering again

Sam K

Package arrived well packed and the plant was in great condition. I had plenty to spread around my tanks and so far its all thriving!

My newest shrimp tank got a few springs and I cant wait to see how it develops.