A+ "Must Have for Planted Tanks" Plant Booster GROWTH JUICE- (Our OWN Special Aquarium Plant Fertilizer) #1

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It is with great pleasure that I announce my long awaited Plant Booster GROWTH JUICE. My own ALL in ONE Aquarium Plant Fertilizer only available on DustinsFishtanks.com

How would you like to give YOUR Plants the BOOST they have been looking for?  Did you know that plants- all plants- just like us humans need to eat?  YEP.  Your aquarium plants get hungry just like you and I. Now is time for the GROWTH JUICE.

Most aquarium owners complain about their plants slowly withering away to nothing, not any more. Our own special blend of ingredients was made to feed your plants what they need. 

Look, I imports plants from three different continents all over the world.  The most important thing I can do for these starved plants is feed them EXACTLY what they are deprived of right away.  If I can feed a 10,000 plant import from Asia and make them happy, your tank will be no problem.

I've tested this stuff on tanks with all kinds of different species and seen great results. I have also tested it on my own aquarium that have fish in them as well. Yes- my own personal aquariums including rare live bearers, those live bearers BABIES and even fish I have collected with my own two bare hands down in Peru. (Yep- stuff that isn't exactly easy to replace)

If my fish are fine YOURS will be too.

Forget the fish though, we are going for AQUARIUM PLANT GROWTH and that is exactly what you are going to see an increase in when you try our NEW PLANT BOOSTER GROWTH JUICE.

One 500 ML bottle will treat a 10 gallon tank for almost a year.

AS OF 3.25.20 WE ARE HAVING A HARD TIME SOURCING PUMP TOPS. (They are going to a better cause for hand sanitizer to battle the Corona Virus)


(500 ML will treat 2400 gallons)

I recommend you use one to two pumps per 10 gallons of water every other day.

If you have Shrimp I would cut the dosage in half.  Do not over dose with shrimp :)

Store in dark location or it might get a cloudy look.

We do suggest supplementing this fertilizer with Iron

NOTE:  Every tank is different, every human is different.  Some lightly stocked tanks will need less, some heavily planted, heavy eating planted tanks will eat more. (Just like I eat a bigger dinner than my 6 year old :)

Try some of our Plant Booster Growth Juice TODAY.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Best Fertilizer Yet

I've been using Dustin's growth juice in my 75gal planted tank for about 5 weeks now. Plants have never looked so good. I have 2 led lights and dont run co2. Even a few reds starting to do better. I have tried multiple other more expensive fertilizer options and this is by far the best. I dose every other day and use 12 squirts each time. No complaints yet, zero fish loss since I started using this either . All water parameters are perfect and this hasn't changed any of them. Thanks Dustin for a great product, I'll be picking some more up soon from OSA in Rhode Island!!

Awesome plants

My plants I received were so beautiful and healthy! Started using my green juice.. Im using two capfuls per 38 gallons hope that is the right amount..wasnt a pump in package! Ill update again in a couple of weeks about the green juice! Will be ordering from Dustins in the near future!

So far so good

I have only using this for about a week and plants starting to look better. I will update when more time passes by.

Killed my fish!!

Hello. First of all, none of the plants I ordered survived even after putting 2 squirts of the juice in my 55g every other day and then the same in my 28g as well.
Second, I've had 3 perfectly healthy Fancy goldfish in my 55g for over a year and now 2 are dead after the second dose.. one right after the other it seems.
I can only blame it on the juice that you said won't harm my fish Dustin!
My soil is the black stuff you sent my buddy when he ordered a whole tank set up for his Rosaline Barbs and Crypts for plants.
So what gives??
The plants I ordered included the red ones that were the most popular that "a monkey could grow.".(forgot the name writing this. .....well call me dumber than a monkey!!) .. they never took root and were planted according to instructions and doing research.. they just floated to the top one by one.
And eventually died so...
P.S. I tried to reply 2x to the sent email with no response. Seems I'm getting ignored. Also when I replied for a not so urgent matter previous to that, your boy Ryan responded within hours. Shady.

Well my friend. I don’t believe this product kill your fish especially goldfish. I will call you today and try to help you with your aquarium. But I doubt it’s our issue. I see no record of any correspondence from you - we will help despite your tone
Works well but...

My plants have greened up a bit since I started using the Growth Juice. My floating plants are reproducing at a faster rate than before. My beef with the growth juice is that it is too dilute. I chose Growth Juice over my traditional Easy Green because I got the same volume for each for about the same price and each was supposed to treat the same number of gallons of water. My problem is that the Growth Juice treated gallons number was calculated using the one squirt (ml) per 10 gallons of water rate and not the recommended two squirts per gallon rate found on the instructions. The instructions also say that the tanks should be dosed every other day instead of once or twice a week like my previous fertilizer. Both the amount per dose and frequency of dosing add up to me using way more fertilizer than I am used to. In reality, since Growth Juice is so dilute, it is not the better value, even if it works well for my plants.

Hey man. Thanks for the feedback on the fertilizer. I can't compare my stuff to others as I don't worry about my competition. How big of a bottle of Easy Green? It's my understanding you get a 250 ML bottle for like 15. Mine is a 500 ml for 19.95. Ours typically has floating particles in it which means its maxed out...full strength and then some. (the powder in the bottom)

We grow our own plants and this is what we use. As it says on the bottle. Every tank is different. 'How much do you feed your kid?: 'Do you have a 2 year old or a 15 year old?' They would require different amounts of food. Same with your tank..... I have no clue what your plant load is.....If you send a pic I'll tell you exactly how much to use. That said you got the product less than 5 days ago. I'll put one of my bottles up against other competitive products for a month. If you aren't happy, we will take it back. You said its growing plants....not sure what we can do to help more my friend.