Want to Carry AMAZING Aquarium Plants in YOUR STORE?

We are proud to be offering our aquarium plants to your local fish store. Looks it's simple...

We don't do fish, we don't do shrimp, we don't do snails, we don't do corals, we don't do salt.     The jack of all trades is a master of NONE.

We do ONE THING and one thing only. WE do aquarium plants. THAT'S IT.

We have learned that if you have the best product your customers will be happy because their customers are happy.   How do we know we have great plants? It's simple we get texts and emails that say, "Dustin, this is Dennis from the Fish Factory. When I say your plants are a hit, that would bee an under statement. We might actually need another shipment next week."   (Obviously we love these kinds of texts)

Our wholesale customers like getting plants from us because we make it EASY. We realize that you might not have time to go through an entire list and figure out what your customers would like or even worse, you might not have the time to know what will work in your own in store aquariums.

Look. over 80% of our customers let us pick what will work for them. Once we know about your situation, we can send you the perfect fit.

(Yes you can ask to make sure you get certain amounts of plants you know you want in your order.)

What is nice is that with this flexibility on your part with letting us pick, you give us a chance to make sure we are shipping you out THE BEST WE HAVE.

Naturally, if you would like to pick out your entire order, we will happily help you there as well!

Not only do we try to make it easy on you when you order. We also want to make it easy on you when your order is on its way and when it arrives. GONE are the days or sub par packaging. We only ship in Styrofoam. Period.

You will never get messy packing peanuts from us or a box filled with shredded newspaper. Your package might come in some randomly cut Styrofoam that we reused because

1. It's good for the environment, 2. It's good for the plants and 3. We keep costs down because Styrofoam isn't cheap!

When you open your plants you will find an easy "Quick look" Catalog and a "Laminated Place Mat" which is a full color laminated guide to almost everything we sell. Everything has full color photo, water proof labels.

Let's face it, the easier it is for you, your staff and your CUSTOMERS to know what everything is, the easier it will be for them to purchase them. If we can make it EASY for you to sell our plants, you will probably be back for more.

Everything we offer is grown underwater so you don't have to worry about a terrible melt off or die back. If it isn't grown under water will will let you know that upfront.

We only sell to brick and mortar stores. Sorry, no online companies. You must have a valid business EIN. We ship out Tuesdays and Wednesday UPS Ground. (We have a great relationship with our UPS Store and have the picks up times dialed in for fastest deliveries to you)

We take credit card and do small simple test runs for first time customers.

Fill out the quick form below and we will get right back with you about how to get some of our great plants into your store.

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Whole Sale Customer Tanks

"Best shipment of plants I've seen in years! Thanks again buddy!"

"They look so good! I sold 10 right out of the bags!"

"Plants turned out great!! Thank ya always, keep makin great plants"

“Just wanted to send you some pics of our display that we've been dosing with your growth juice :)"

-Aquarium Adventure Hoffman