Staurogyne Repens (Regular rugged Foreground plant)

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What's up Fish tank Plant fanatics. It is my great pleasure to announce that we Staurogene Repens for sale.

These plants were grown ABOVE water as stems BEFORE we got them. What we potted were NICE thick stems with root buds. They are growing underwater currently in near full sun with a touch fertilizer in the rockwool.  We grow plants. They are loving how we are converting them right now.

This is a rugged little plant.  *We have been rapidly converting this plant however and you should read and see the reviews below*

YOU MIGHT find this plant for less money with our competitors- but you won’t find it as quality. Period.

If you do purchase it from us and a competitor-and have photos of the plant from us vs them we will match the price theirs if it looks better. (Must have receipts within 7 days of purchase)

The Photo is from Tom Barr's tank....(his "Garden" tank I think) Staurogene Repens is from River Rio Cristalino in the southern Amazonas. They say its closest plant "relative" is Hygrophila.

(Which to me is a VERY hardy plant) This is a great SHORT foreground plant that won't be around for long.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Stacie Roa

This is an awesome plant. Using as a carpeting plant. Large portions. Excellent quality. Can’t wait to watch this plant fill in.

John Brydges
1 word, Outstanding!

Received my plants yesterday and was shockingly surprised at the quality of these plants. I've ordered the same plants from a source closer to me and they were tiny with hardly any roots. When I opened the very well packed package I was amazed at how beautiful and how well grown with strong roots they are. I put them in a small 20 gallon tank until my 50 gallon dirt tank is fully cycled. Once it is cycled I'm going to order a plant combo package next week now that I know that I am going to get very high quality plants from Dustin. One thing I forgot to add was I live in Los Angeles CA and the plants were in perfect condition when they arrived because the excellent packaging.

Dale Belter
Great plants

The staurogyne repens looks great, shipping was super fast, will be back

Sherry P
Really great plants

Once again sent me the lovely plants i ordered and some extra too, thanks so much for the quality and generosity!

Jon Snyder
Perfect Arrival

As usual, everything came in fresh and ready to go. Stauro is mid left on photo. Chopped it up and spread it out. Planted in funky dirt and other stuff and will be bumping Co2