Staurogyne Repens "Narrow"

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What's up Fish tank Plant fanatics. It is my great pleasure to announce that I have 12 portions of Staurogene Repens for sale. These won't last. Admittedly I haven't ever kept this plant before but I feel like some of you all are good enough to handle this plant. OK- I've had it for a month--- it's mega hardy, likes a good root feeding and is TIGHT for a Dirted Tank!

The Photo is from Tom Barr's tank....(his "Garden" tank i think) Staurogene Repens is from River Rio Cristalino in the southern Amazonas. They say its closest plant "relative" is Hygrophila. (Which to me is a VERY hardy plant) This is a great SHORT foreground plant that won't be around for long. (Obviously saved a few for my own personal enjoyment. The rest are all for you. NOTE: This is a stem bunch plant. Grown Above water.

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