Java Moss

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Want a plant you can grow in your Toilet? Java Moss is that plant.  Java Moss comes from cooler streams in the shade of "Java" (Mainly Indonesia but is all over)   Java Moss is a fantastic beginner plant which is why we TRY to have lots of types of Java moss for sale.  

We have a rotation of a number of different types of moss which did get slightly harder to import from their native countries because of covid and just by it's nature- lots of little pests or water bug like to live in it- making it hard to import.

We have Christmas Moss, Taiwan Moss, Flame Moss and Spikey moss.  We also get some Fissidens moss on occasion as well.  (These types of java moss all sell pretty quickly)

We try to keep regular Java Moss for sale at all times. Unlike others, we have Java Moss for sale that we have GROWN UNDER WATER.  (Just like all of our plants)  This will keep it from dying back and melting in your aquarium.  

Java Moss is great for many things- from tying it to a branch or just letting it flow all over. Java Moss is an undemanding plant for any skill level!