Christmas Moss -Versicularia daubenyana

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Christmas Moss (Versicularia daubenyana) make Christmas every day of the year with Christmas Moss in your aquarium. Christmas Moss gets its name from the shape of this great variety of moss. The plant grows out with these little triangle that look like mini Christmas Trees. Like most Moss, Christmas moss is SUPER HARDY and can go in almost any planted tank.

We recommend Christmas Moss for ANY SHRIMP TANK or tie it on to some driftwood for a really natural effect. I find that moss is great to use with baby fish and shrimp as it provides both a nice shelter and a place where food for the baby shrimp or fish can live We don't get this stuff in often so grab some while you can. I have 6 portions available.

One a scale of 1 to 10 (One being you could grow it in your toilet... Christmas Moss is a 1.5

Don't forget to ask for free black wire if you want to tie it down to a piece of driftwood.

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Customer Reviews

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Just what I wanted!!

I am so satisfied with my purchase! Even though my package got delayed (because of the holidays) my moss arrived very green and healthy, and I received a generous portion as well, free of any snails or pests. It looks great on the bonsai tree in my 5 gallon tank! Thank you for the lovely shopping experience, I will be purchasing from you again!

More Moss than I know what to do with!

Been tossing around the idea of adding moss for a while now. I added some Christmas Moss to the order since I was already ordering the cheap combo pack. I was expecting a clump the size of a golf ball. NOPE! the main clump was almost the size of a softball. There were also two small clumps that I’m not sure if it’s more Christmas moss or other moss. I decorated the stick I wanted to decorate and added some to other tanks and have some chilling in a cup by the window because I don’t know what to do with it. Awesome value.

Mail is just no good

I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because 95% of the very generous amount ofmoss was brown. Even the 5% that was green was not that green. It came quickly, 2 days after shipped. It was clean, no parasites. I'm hoping to bring it back to life, I'll take any suggestions.

Beautiful moss

I ordered a small batch of moss and even during these strange times it got here faster than expected! The moss looked so good it may well have been handed to me right out of dustin’s tank instead of sent through mail!

Great deal!

Moss arrived in perfect shape and was a bigger portion than I was expecting! I actually cut it up and had enough to place it in multiple areas.