Christmas Moss -Versicularia daubenyana

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Christmas Moss (Versicularia daubenyana) make Christmas every day of the year with Christmas Moss in your aquarium. Christmas Moss gets its name from the shape of this great variety of moss. The plant grows out with these little triangle that look like mini Christmas Trees. Like most Moss, Christmas moss is SUPER HARDY and can go in almost any planted tank.

We recommend Christmas Moss for ANY SHRIMP TANK or tie it on to some driftwood for a really natural effect. I find that moss is great to use with baby fish and shrimp as it provides both a nice shelter and a place where food for the baby shrimp or fish can live We don't get this stuff in often so grab some while you can. I have 6 portions available.

One a scale of 1 to 10 (One being you could grow it in your toilet... Christmas Moss is a 1.5

Don't forget to ask for free black wire if you want to tie it down to a piece of driftwood.

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Customer Reviews

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Came as advertised

This moss came individually sealed and packaged. It was nice and green. Im happy with this purchase

i love this!

got a very generous amount of this moss. enough i was able to put into 3 different tanks. now to watch it grow. wish i would have checked this out a long time ago! my shrimp love it

Nice Christmas Moss!

I'm brand new to aquariums and aquarium plants, but the Christmas Moss I ordered is very nice! Arrived safely and in a timely manner, despite all the mail slow-downs occuring this year. As far as I can tell it is healthy, and it's more than I thought it would be (compared to moss I bought from a different source...this moss looks much brighter and healthier, too). There was 1 snail in it, but I don't mind snails, and it was very easy to spot if I wanted to remove. Not sure if there will be snail eggs or not, but it's moss, not exactly easy to get snails out of without harming the plant. And at least I know it was grown in water! Came with instructions on how to remove snails, too. No complaints, very happy, hope my plant thrives once it's in the fish tank!

lookin good

absolutely no complaints. every thing arrived green and healthy

Christmas moss

The moss I ordered arrived quickly and in great shape. Far, far better than the stuff at my local box store for pet supplies.