Foreground Plants

Start with the Front and work your way to the back with our great Foreground plants. If you are looking for fancy, hard to keep, high light foreground plants. You are in the wrong place. We only carry easy foreground aquarium plants that will give you success. We sell a bunch of Dwarf Sagittaria and consider it one of the best foreground aquarium plants for it's pure ability to handle whatever you want to throw at it. Starurogyne Repens is another hardy foreground plant that stays low. Baby tears as well (NOTE: we don't sell Dwarf Baby Tears or Dwarf Hair Grass) Both Staurogyne Repens and Baby tears do enjoy a bit more light than Dwarf sag as well as they prefer a nutrient rich substrate of some kind. We also carry some great species of Crypts that are always a great aquarium foreground plant. The shorter growing species of Crypts that we carry are Crypt Parva, Crypt Wendtii Green and occasionally some Bronze Crypts.