Pogostemon Stellata “Octopus”

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Pogostemon Stellata

We have really come a long way with this plant.  We used to think it wasn't as hardy as others, but now, after a year of keeping it, it isn't as demanding as we had once thought.

A very similar plant with a purple hue would be eustralis stellata!!!!!!

I run this in my friend's aquariums and you can see it kind of over ran the aquarium. It was under one of our "Standard Double LEDs" however it didn't have that great of substrate.

This plant will give you a long flowing look which is a nice contrast to tall and long background plants like Jungle Val.

Grab some Pogostemon Stellata and take the colors of your aquarium to the next level.

 I would definitely call this plant an Intermediate Plant. Worth your time to look at and an incredible addition to any tank. I suggest this for someone with a moderate lighting and nutrient set up. On a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being you can grow it in a toilet and 10 being impossible. I give Pogostemon Stellata a 3.5. Because it doesn't like change!. So it has to resettle in it's environment!

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"Beautiful! I purchased this stuff last month and with some good lighting and co2 I think the results speak for themselves."
-Josh C. wrote a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review

Customer Reviews

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I received this plant in great condition about a month ago and it’s doing great.

Matthew Medcalf
Beautiful Plant

What a compliment to my tank….this shade of green is awesome and the shape is amazing. One of my favorite aquarium plants!!

Big bunch

Fantastic! Wrapped and sealed very well with other plants. Quite a bit of plant sent. Thanks!

Deidra Wakeley
pogostemon Stelatta

Beautiful & healthy as usual with your plants. The trouble with this one it is loved to be eaten on by my pleiscostamus, & Angel fish. The pleico is getting huge on anything in my 30 gallon tank! He neglects the banana roots but is even eating them!

Michael Venuti
This plant was not in my package

I am very disappointed because I really wanted this plant 😞
Also, the hornwort was terrible, most of it had browned and I cannot put that in my tank
I write honest reviews and I am aware that shit happens when we mail plants and fish.
I do love the rest of the order❤️❤️❤️