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Water Lettuce...yum. This plant is one of the fastest, surface covering pond plants available. It grows so fast that it is illegal to sell in certain states. If you want a cool looking "cover plant' for your own garden pond, water lettuce is that plant. The roots hang down in to the water providing shelter for not only fish but other beneficial micro organisms for you pond.

Because Lettuce grows ABOVE the water, it "works" for you. (Plants that grow above the surface use more CO2 and get more light than plants grown below water.) Water lettuce is a filtering plant, the upper part grows like crazy as it helps remove waste from your pond. We are selling one nice huge one or a few small ones. Water Lettuce grows fast and works hard. - Get some Water Lettuce.

Customer Reviews

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Kathleen Walize
Water Lettuce

My package arrived quickly and the contents was packed very well. The Water Lettuce plants were all fine AND I received a free Banana plant!!! I got the water lettuce for my 2 Betta fish they love it. I'm definitely going to order more. Thank you for great service.


May be too hot to ship in summer. Plants came in, not looking well. Put them on gold fish pond. Growing like wild flowers. A ok.


Great as always!


Unfortunately my dogs ate them the next day but they were beautiful while they lasted

Joel Myers
So far, so good.

I gave away the 2 bigger plants to a friend down the street who has a pond. The smaller ones seem to be doing well; one is already sprouting a "baby". My Betta fish is happily blowing bubble nests around them.