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Water Lettuce...yum. This plant is one of the fastest, surface covering pond plants available. It grows so fast that it is illegal to sell in certain states. If you want a cool looking "cover plant' for your own garden pond, water lettuce is that plant. The roots hang down in to the water providing shelter for not only fish but other beneficial micro organisms for you pond.

Because Lettuce grows ABOVE the water, it "works" for you. (Plants that grow above the surface use more CO2 and get more light than plants grown below water.) Water lettuce is a filtering plant, the upper part grows like crazy as it helps remove waste from your pond. We are selling one nice huge one or a few small ones. Water Lettuce grows fast and works hard. - Get some Water Lettuce.

Customer Reviews

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Nice healthy plants

Tysha Richards
Lots of babies

I received one super large one and a smaller one. They had six babies attached which I was able to detach and distribute to different tanks. No yellowing leaves and they were nice and full.

Brian Minich
Exceptional Water Lettuce 👍

I have never ordered aquarium plants online before, but thought I would take a chance on Dustin's Fish Tanks plants. I am beyond impressed, to say the least. Not only did the lettuce show up quickly and packaged safely, but the plants themselves are healthy and HUGE! 😱
The instructions on caring for my new plants was also very valued and taught me a few things I did not know before.
I will definitely be buying from again and I have already shared my experience with other friends and colleagues who have their own planted aquariums.
Thanks for a great experience!


Love the water lettuce!!

Gwyneth Kihano-Samson
Excellent Quality

Beautiful plants! Healthy root system. A hundred times better than what you would find at your local pet store. Will definitely purchase again.