JAVA MOSS -SUPER EASY Low Light Aquarium Plant

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Java Moss is a plant that is super hard to kill. It can handle the abuse of a rookie or can thrive in the tank of a professional.

It is one of the easiest to keep aquarium plants we have for sale.

It's so hardy that you can keep it out of the water for a good long time and not worry about it dying. It's actually a moss, so not to worry, it can handle no water.

Java moss works great in both the low tech and high tech tank. I would even go as far as to say that it is better to be kept in a low tech tank over a high tech.

I put Java Moss in my high tech tank once and I could never get it out. Let that be a warning to you. Once you put it in your tank, you might have a hard time getting it out of your tank.

Care Scale of 1-10: ( 1- it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)   JAVA MOSS IS A 1!

NOTE: If you are a super beginner- check out our Hornwort for sale or Low Light Anubias as well. Both almost as hardy as Java Moss


Can handle super low lighting, grows faster in high light.

Where to plant:

Foreground or you can tie/glue it to rocks or driftwood.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Gleason
Looks great

Plants look wonderful!

Tanner Rymer
Big ol pile of moss

Incredible moss. The amount of moss I got for ten bucks has convinced me petsmart cup of moss is a scam.

Trevor Katz
Looks amazing!

Product is exactly as advertised. Extremely hardy, easy to keep, and looks spectacular as our foreground plant! The quantity is amazing for the price and was super easy to split apart and spread out across the foreground of our aquarium.

Raymond Smith
Recent order

My order of Java Moss, Java Fern and the other plants arrived in excellent condition. I will continue to order all of my plants from Justin

Elijah R.
Good quality

Nice dark green and a good quantity for the price. Can easily split up several time to propogate multiple areas