The Blaster Series "The Deeper LED"

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Goldfish Member Travis N. is killing it with these lights!

growth with standard double

"2 1/2 months in.. no question Dustin your lights are the shit... I couldn't be happier with the results." Travis N.

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Customer Reviews

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Jon Tanberg
Great light!

I have a 120 gallon aquarium that’s 24” tall. I’ve had a hard time getting plants to grow with several different lights costing around $500. Decided to give the “blaster” a try. Glad I did! Plants are flourishing!

Steven A
Great Light!

I was looking for a light to reach the bottom of a large tank and this would be teh one to buy.
My old light wasn't too bad, until I plugged this one in and the difference was amazing.
My large 180 corner tank is 36" deep and now I can see for sure that the light is hitting the bottom for my plants.
Great light!

Evelyn S.
So far seems very good.

It’s a pricey light, but if it gets my plants going it’s worth it! It is very bright. It is in my bedroom and I have the timer set to come on at 8am, and I promise you, I will never be sleeping past 8am lol. I did have to buy my own hardware to hang it, but I don’t mind. 4 stars for now, will bump it up if I see my plants respond well.

Time will tell in this one

I’ve been struggling with keeping some of my red plants red because the lighting isnt strong enough to keep them that way and they’re growing out green. I’m hoping the blaster can do that for me. For anyone looking to have these lights sit on legs, you’d have to get them separately since they don’t come included with your order of the blaster lights by default but I knew they sold them. Here’s the link to them for any future buyers

Liam Palmer
Amazing light, one minor flaw

I got my Blaster a few days ago and I love it! I have bought three other lights of different sizes from you guys and they’re all truly great quality. I’m excited to see how my plants pop.
The only thing I would quibble about is this light doesn’t have feet to sit on the tank top like all the other lights do, just a bracket to hang the light.