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"Where the heck do I plant this?"

Posted by Augusta Hosmer on

Plant Placement 101 Figured out you want to grow some live aquarium plants, taken the plunge and ordered some, and staring at a fistful of plants you don't know what to do with? Been there. Fortunately, most aquatic plants can be broken down into four categories of where to place them: foreground, midground, background, and floating plants. Some plants overlap into more than one category depending on how you want to grow and trim them, but generally, you can gauge where to put something based on how a species falls into these. If you ever hear these terms thrown around...

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Start of Something Good: Welcome to the New Dustin’s Fishtanks Blog!

Posted by Andrew Von Nieda on

By: Augusta Hosmer How I Got Here and Where We’re Going I’d ordered from Dustin in the past and always thought it was cool we were in the same area. And obviously, the plants I got from him were epic. Never thought I’d end up working for him one day. As usual, though, some of the best things come from coincidences. I answered an ad for a greenhouse job and went out to work with the Dustin’s Fishtanks crew for a couple of days. Dustin mentioned offhand when I was out there that he wanted to start a blog. I’ve...

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