"Just wanted to share my 2 tanks and give a huge thanks to you and your high quality plants. 100% your plants including Macrandra, Indica, Lotus, Dwarf Sag, Java Fern, African Fern, Crypts and Val. No CO2, another order coming soon
(WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE TOP TANK BELOW :)  Lower tank is also killer :) 
What's up FishTank People, Dustin here! 
In this week's tank of the week I wanted to bring it to you with a FULL TANK.
This is a 40 Breeder. If you aren't familiar with a 40 breeder it has really versatile foot print to it. It is 36 x 18 x 16. This gives the tank much more surface area, but is shallow enough to still get some good light.  I also like how deep it goes front to back. (A 55 Gallon tank you lose the ability to bring depth to the aquarium- it can be done but it is harder.)
You can see how far back this tank goes... It is so FULL of plants that you quickly get lost in it.
Does it have a manicured carpet of plants - NO
Does it have an intricate rock scape or hardscape- NO
What this tank of the week does have is a FULL PLANT LOAD.  It is LOADED with plants. This is the kind of aquarium you could stare at for a long time and wish you were a fish with all of the places to hide.
The background of this aquarium comes up like a rising or setting sun. The plant used is a Rotala Macrandra and it brightens up the top of the aquarium.
What pops for me in this tank is the use of the SUPER EASY Red Tiger lotus under it. The dark red pulls you into the tank. The dark leaves are a great contrast to the bright pinkish yellow above it. (The lotus also has it's own unique shape to it)
And finally- the foreground. Which actually isn't a foreground plant at all but it being used as one. That plant is JUNGLE VAL.  Yes- this is a tall growing BACKGROUND PLANT- but I believe it is being trimmed here to keep it low.
Great tank! 
Drew's tank notes:
The other is a 40 breeder open top with 36 inch fluval 3.0 at 70% and carribsea gold sand. Slightly deep bed on one side with lava rock. 4ml Fertilizer once per week, 25-30% water change every 2-3 weeks. Moderately stocked
PH runs about 7.2-7.5
GH ~ 2
Nitrate 20-30
TDS ~ 140
"Dirt is awesome! First picture is when tank was First set up. Second is today, about a month later. Myriophillum growing like anacharis. Dwarf sag spreading like a carpet."
-Harold G. wrote a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review about Dustin's Dirt Packs. (Aquarium Substrate Our own Premier Mix)
What's Up FishTank PEOPLE?!
Dustin here, This weeks "Sweet Tank Tuesday" is a SIMPLE one.
Often times people try to over complicate their aquariums. 
This is an EASY ONE.
These are all EASY plants.   In the top photo you can barely make out the little stems of Dwarf Sagataria.  In the second picture you can see that it has clearly TAKEN OFF.  While I don't know the time table of how far apart these photos are taken, you can see that Dwarf Sag and I believe the Baby Tears have taken off.
In the background of the second photo you can see they Myrio.
Again- this is an EASY to grow plant.  (So easy to grow that it is invasive and illegal in a few states)  If you take a second to look just in front of the Myrio you will see the RED Alteranthera
Notice how in the first photo it is rather skinny and obviously was just planted, in the second photo it is THICK and FULL.
There is also another yellow plant off to the left in the first photo.  This is Mayaca Vandelli.  This is a MEGA easy plant, but if you look in the "After" photo you can see that it has hardly grown at all.
Why? I'm not sure, but I point this out as sometimes it just happens. It might be a "Slow eating" plant. In other words, all of the other plants consume all of the available nutrients before it can.  Or it simply might be lacking something from the water that it needs that other plants don't and there for is thriving.
Regardless, I point this random, not growing fast plant out as sometimes, it happens.  (There is a lighter look to the Myrio which leads me to think this is a slight nutrient deficiency.)
The customer doesn't provide details as to what brand of lighting we are dealing with or how long it is on but clearly we have decent lights.
The customer DOES however mention how much they love the "Dirt Packs".  Look. Yes we would be happy to sell you some of our own "Dustin's Dirt Packs"  but regardless, this aquarium is a clear example of good light AND good substrate and the results you can achieve.   (You aren't going to get a nice full mound of dwarf sag like this with root tabs.)  
Plants need to Eat. Feed them where they Eat. Feed them WHAT they Eat.
Tank on!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Customer Tank: Paul D. "My new setup. No fish yet still getting all the plants setup and tank cycling"
What's Up FishTank PEOPLE?! Dustin here, This weeks "Sweet Tank Tuesday" I want to show this tank and talk about to the commitment to the carpet.
THIS TANK POPS because all you see is plants on the bottom. This is the often elusive "I want a carpet" Fully Achieved.
How did we get here? STEP ONE.  NO FISH.  This tank was designed out of the gate for PLANTS FIRST. There is heavy use of CO2.   Heavy as in presumably TOXIC- Kill your fish levels of CO2. You can see the use of both a drop checker and a little CO2 pipet.
So the MORE CO2 the more the plants breath and the more you are immolating "Above water " growing conditions.  Additionally there is HIGH LIGHT on this tank with full CO2.
The customer doesn't say how long they were working on this carpet or how long it has been setup, but that is a THINK carpet of Dwarf Baby Tears.
A fun and simple plant to point out in the background is Tall Hair Grass. It gives the scape a great grassy background. 
One thing I think could improve this is better looking rocks. and it wouldn't take much because the "Soft scape" is so strong. Just some simple dragon stone perhaps.
And a final note on this tank. This might have been hard to get balanced out of the gate with so much light and co2 while the plants were growing in. BUT - Now that it is FULLY carpeted, the plant load is way high, this tank can handle a HIGHER fish load ultimately because of the heavy, hard working plant load.  This person has the right plan- Plants first- Fish Second.  Nice Tank- Tank on!