Hygrophila Corymbosa 'Compacta' (Super Easy Low Light Foreground Aquarium Plant)

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Hygrophila Compact is an EASY low growing aquarium plant

AS OF 2.24.23 these are near perfect. READ OUR REVIEWS

They are just starting to show the pink and coloration from green. ROOTED AND HEALTHY

It releases these gorgeous burgundy leaves from its tops that ruffle like Parawitota! It doesn't need a lot of light nor does it need heavy Co2 doses! This plant will run in most peoples tank really easily! This Hygrophila loves to shoot out side shoots and makes it easy to watch it flourish!

We have enjoyed watching this plant easily convert to below water growth with these almost "pom pom" like leaves along the stem.

ON a scale from 1 to 10 I rate this 3 on hard to keep scale! These plants were started above water but are now well on their way to growing well under water in your aquarium!

Outer leaves will melt in your tank and come back twice as hard!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 376 reviews
Gail Christensen
Beautiful plant

It came very full and healthy. It easily could have been split into 3 or 4 bunches. I split it in half because I like it really full.

nice plants - shipped healthy

Images showed more 'reddish' color than this plant is known for, but all water conditions are different. I actually got more plants than I was expecting and had to make more room. Super healthy on arrival. Had less that a week and they are already shooting off new leaves and growing like a boss.

Great plants and service!

My plants arrived in beautiful condition, carefully packed, and kept cool in the summer heat. Couldn’t be happier.

Sean Derry
Love this plant!

I ordered this plant a couple months ago. Received 5 stems, all with green and slightly red leaves and with healthy roots. They have thrived in my tank ever since. Although the reddish leaves are now only green, I love them. I have since ordered 2 more bundles of this plant, along with others, and I received 14 stems of varying sizes, all with healthy roots. My fish and frogs love them as well. Dustin and his team do a great job!

Cheryl Olson
Wonderful plant!

This is a wonderful little plant that looks great and is growing well. I love it!