Hygrophila Corymbosa 'Compacta' (Super Easy Low Light Foreground Aquarium Plant)

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Hygrophila Compact is an EASY low growing aquarium plant

AS OF 3.10 These are Slightly discounted as they have LESS leaves on the lower portions.

STILL HEALTHIER than anything you would get elsewhere.... just not as full at the lower level.  More greenish color than the yellow. 

They are just starting to show the pink and coloration from green. ROOTED AND HEALTHY

It releases these gorgeous burgundy leaves from its tops that ruffle like Parawitota! It doesn't need a lot of light nor does it need heavy Co2 doses! This plant will run in most peoples tank really easily! This Hygrophila loves to shoot out side shoots and makes it easy to watch it flourish!

We have enjoyed watching this plant easily convert to below water growth with these almost "pom pom" like leaves along the stem.


ON a scale from 1 to 10 I rate this 3 on hard to keep scale! These plants were started above water but are now well on their way to growing well under water in your aquarium!

Outer leaves will melt in your tank and come back twice as hard!

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Try out Crypt Parva as a great foreground Substitute! Or give our Hygrophila Stricta a shot!

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Arrived in Perfect Condition

My plants arrived in perfect condition! They looked full and great size for the price.

Tim Naumann

Great little plants. Got a bunch of nicely colored plants with some roots.

S. Hamsher

I'm fairly new to planted aquariums. Been about a year now. I have learned a lot in this time. First, there are only 2 places I will order plants from (My first pick being Dustin's Fish Tanks.) Second, I love Hygrophila. lol. Mine arrived healthy and beautiful, as always.

Zachary Baker
Delivery Truck Delivered Boiled Spinach

I don't put any blame on Dustin's Fishtanks for this issue, but I received my order late in the day and it had been in a delivery truck subjected to the Texas summer heat all day. When I opened my package, it was like opening a steamer bag you get from the frozen vegetable section. All my plants were limp and a little slimy, but I did my best to rehabilitate them, and didn't want to place any of the responsibility on Dustin's for this issue, as they were honestly quite beautiful even after being subjected to such unsavory conditions. It is now 3 days since I opened my package and the plants are starting to perk back up a bit (this is my first planted tank, so I am pretty excited to see the end product). The only reason I am opting to give this a 4 star and not a 5 is because I could easily imagine with some of the less hearty plants that there would be no recovering from the rigors these plants endured. Also, it was difficult for me to locate the dwarf sag initially in the mess of heated water sprite in the bag. In the future, I think I will simply not order plants during the summer months, but I also feel like there could be some measures put into place to prevent something like this from happening (maybe a ice pack outside of the packing?) as initially I thought for sure my plants wouldn't pull through, and no one should have to endure that potential heartbreak =(

Not For My Tank, I Guess

I love the look of these compact hygrophilias, but they don't love my tank. All three bundles melted swiftly without gaining roots to come back with. That's not on Dustin ... I expect it's just my tank (co2, mid-lighting, 70 gal). There is one plant that melted back to a bare, .5" stub with one root. We'll see if it weathers the storm.