Ludwigia "Triple Red" Easy RED aquarium plant

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The Ludwigia palustris "Triple Red" looks like it sounds. Also called 'super red' A almost purplish burgundy color on top of the leaves while the bottoms are almost pink. All attached to a crimson red stem. The "Triple Red" will leave you wanting more! Buy them while we have them!

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Customer Reviews

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Mark Ingbritson/Xanadu-doo
Just Stunning -- and HUGE!!!

Another amazing species. Super healthy and HUGE -- I seriously need bigger/taller tanks for these beauties! ((To clarify - they run out the top of my 20 longs, but are perfect for a 29 or 40 breeder, etc...I just want a couple more 75 gallons LOL)). Also keep in mind they can be trimmed/split for smaller tanks, which I might do -- you get lots in each bundle, so I can spread them out. The color is mind-blowing. Every plant I get from Dustins becomes my new favorite plant -- until I get the next one LOL> Thanks again to your whole team. FIVE STARS PLUS!!!

Antonio Berben

Never a disappointment, always plants come in good condition.

Jerry Cook
Arrived alive !

Plants came in in great condition, even in the hot Arizona weather.

Amy Welander

I got these a couple of days ago but they are absolutely gorgeous! The vibrant red color is amazing. Came full and super easy to plant.

John Charpentier

This order came very quickly unlike another I ordered from. This now my go to place for plants. Although the ice pack was warm, thanks to summer weather, the plants looked good they are in the quarantine tank for now and looking good. Very glad I ordered here.