Vallisneria "Jungle Val" EASY Background Aquarium Plant

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Note* We are shipping Italian Val. A thin leafed Vallisneria that we typically sell. *SUBJECT TO CHANGE WEEKLY*  (might be a Thicker Giant Val, contortion val, RED VALLLLLL, or leopard val :) )

Unlike others, we grow this plant in house. It will hold up better for you as it comes from our greenhouse grow beds to YOU.

Jungle Val- jungle vallisneria, Vallisneria

Call it what you want to call it. Jungle Val is an amazing plant. It is one of those plants that you have to get when you are just getting started in the planted tank and want a plant that will go nuts.

I have kept Jungle vallisneria or Jungle Val under a number of different conditions. I first fell in love with Jungle Val when I put it in my high tech tank. (high lights/ dirt and CO2) It grew to the point where it was out of control.

There were so many runners popping up that I had a hard time removing it when I wanted it out of my tank. Jungle val also does great in a beginners tank without dirt. I have seen it in low light tanks with hardly any sort of nutrients in the substrate. (If you want to have a great substrate, check out our dirt substrate kits) I have seen Jungle val grow in just plain sand even. We are selling the skinnier jungle val for $9.95 for 2-3 stems of it.

You wont go wrong with this plant. Jungle Val might wither away when you put it into your tank. The leaves grow so easy that it isn't a problem and will come back stronger. Though the variety we are selling currently is less likely to melt as it has been grown in our tank conditions.

To reduce the chance of Val melting back on you, consider adding either our GROWTH Juice or Potassium. 

Val likes higher calcium content and ph if you can provide it but will adapt to a lower ph if that is how you run your aquarium.

This is one my top 10 favorite plants list for a reason. (If something happens to me- I would like Jungle val in my coffin please.)

Care Scale of 1-10 ( 1 it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)

Jungle Val is a 1.5 only because it might melt a tad initially then comes right back


Can handle super low lighting, grows faster in higher light

Where to plant:


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Customer Reviews

Based on 277 reviews
My bad luck.

I got these in the "can't kill it" pack in early August, so they've been there a bit over six months. I swear this plant looks identical to the day I got it. Same height of 5 inches, same amount of leaves, I dunno what gives. I have a full spectrum LED above my open top 5 gal, perfect water conditions for a betta tank, just no idea.

I have a similar experience with another plant which has it's own review.

Vinny G
Great plants

Always satisfied with Dustin's products

Courtney Booher
Strong and thriving

These were enormous and strong/healthy plants. I have runners all over the place and I just trimmed over 3 ft worth of length so they just hit the surface of the water. They have grown so fast and so well. I was definitely impressed

Susan Claramunt

Haven’t received yet. Says delivery is Monday the 13th.

Dale Bowlus
Jungle Val

Ordered plants arrived quick and the bunch was a nice quantity and good quality. Anxious to see the "Val" form a nice backdrop in my 55 gallon tank. Next batch of plants, I will wait until the Florida weather is a little cooler. Delivery trucks must set packages in the sun! Still...very satisfied with ordered plants from Dustin's!