Potassium (L) (Aquarium Plant Fertilizer)

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I am always excited to bring you all out a new product. Potassium is the first Aquarium Fertilizer I am please to release. When I used to run my 125 high tech, I'd dose the heck out of Potassium. Why? Because you can't over dose it Let me explain. When I say you can't over dose it, that means you can't over dose it and kill your fish or plants. (Award winning tanks run as high as 100ppm) I can tell you one thing.


Just incase you didn't get the drift with the all capitals. I'll say it again. Too much Potassium will kill your shrimp. "But wait Dustin- How do you know this?" Remember that 40 Tall full of baby tears and Cherry Shrimp? Yep- I got greedy with the Potassium and killed every last one in there. If you have shrimp, use this Potassium in moderation.

"So why does my tank need Potassium?" Here is the best way I can explain it in simple terms. Potassium helps activate over 60 enzymes that play a roll in the plants chemical reactions. Basically, Potassium makes it easier on the molecules to come together for the chemical reaction in plant growth. If you want to think of it like a saltwater tank.... In a saltwater tank you need your salinity, or amount of salt to be a certain amount for fish and corals to live.

Think of potassium's role like this only in the cell of the plant. Potassium helps the cells regulate the amount of water in the cells to keep it at a stable ph internally of around 7, the optimal PH for plant growth. Potassium is also involved in every major step of protein synthesis and stomal activity in the plant. Potassium plays a pretty critical role in photosynthesis. When light hits a plant as energy to combine CO2 and water to form sugars, the first energy product is called adenosine triphosphate or simply ATP. The electical charge balance at the site of ATP is maintained with Potassium ions.

Photosynthesis is slowed down when there is a lack of Potassium available. Let me put this in simpler terms- Pour a little of this stuff on to your plants and watch closely as they perk up and probably send off a bubble or two. Potassium is a "Macro Nutrient" or a nutrient that a lot of it is both needed and used by the plant. Get some Potassium and see what I am talking about with your own two eyes. Your plants will thank you. Don't miss our other needed Aquarium Fertilizers: Plant Booster: Growth Juice, Iron, and Plant Booster Liquid CO2!

NOTE: This product will take care of a moderately planted 30 gallon tank using 1 teaspoon twice a week for almost A YEAR Use one half a teaspoon per ten gallons in a moderately planted tank twice a week or as needed dependant on your plant load. Pictured is a 32 ounce or 2 pound container. It will last you a while. (Please note that this product is super heavy to ship so this price reflects the added shipping cost. The postal service raised shipping rates at the first of the year in 2013.)

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Just like he says, my plants perk up and start pearling when I add this to the tank. It’s really cool to watch.

Works well

Does the job on helping plant growth