Sexy Red Aquarium Package (We pick REDS!)

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Need some stunning Red Plants?

Try out this package and add some show stoppers to your tank. 5 plants for $49.95 *Note* Some of these plants are harder to keep!

A potential mix MIGHT look like....
1 Rotala Macrandra "Small Leaf
1 Rotala Macrandra "Big Leaf"
1 Limnophila Aromatica
1 Hygrophila Compact
1 Alternanthera Lilacina


1 Myriophyllum Tubercalatum
1 Rotala Macrandra

OR Some NEW ROTALA HRA, Or New Rotala Small leaf- OR a Crazy LUDWIGIA.

Or some other funky RED Hygro....

WE PICK THE PLANTS- YOU MIGHT NOT GET THESE EXACT PLANTS. Our Inventory Rotates... THIS COMBO lets us SHIP FIRE plants because we get to pick!

Don't Forget To Buy our Growth Juice and Iron Supplements for your plants!!

Customer Reviews

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Brandon Webster
Sexy Reds and a Red Tiger Lotus - Looking Great

Everything arrived alive and in great condition! It is a LOT of plants for the money, great value even with shipping costs.

brion pechin
Wonderful plants

Ordered a number of reds, you choose and floaters for our new pea puffer tank. All plants were healthy and large and the floater portion was really big. Can’t wait to order more for the cichlid tank. Fast shipping and quick feedback with questions!


Plants were shipped quickly and were in great shape as usual. I started using the Growth Juice for the first time and after a week, they are all looking great.

Jeff Y.
Sexy Red Package and Ammania Gracilis - Looking Great

Dustin and team,

I received the shipment of the Sexy Red Package (x2) and Ammania Gracilis in great shape. I ordered over the weekend and received the package in Northern California on the following Friday. The extra red root floaters were a good bonus and now a part of several of my tanks. My main freshwater planted tank with the new red plants from Dustin's (clustered on the right and in the back) and recently upgraded lighting look great and are doing well so far.

Nathan Wallace
all arrived healthy

All arrived healthy and are doing well in my tanks this is the second time buying from Dustin's and if I need plants I'll be back.