Sexy Red Aquarium Package (We pick REDS!)

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Need some stunning Red Plants?

Try out this package and add some show stoppers to your tank. 5 plants for $36.95 *Note* Some of these plants are harder to keep!

A potential mix MIGHT look like....
1 Rotala Macrandra "Small Leaf
1 Rotala Macrandra "Big Leaf"
1 Limnophila Aromatica
1 Hygrophila Compact
1 Alternanthera Lilacina


1 Myriophyllum Tubercalatum
1 Rotala Macrandra


OR Some NEW ROTALA HRA, Or New Rotala Small leaf- OR a Crazy LUDWIGIA.

Or some other funky RED Hygro....


WE PICK THE PLANTS- YOU MIGHT NOT GET THESE EXACT PLANTS. Our Inventory Rotates... THIS COMBO lets us SHIP FIRE plants because we get to pick!

Don't Forget To Buy our Growth Juice and Iron Supplements for your plants!!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Phillips

Reds came arrived just as bright. I have a 20gal long with a full tank of aquarium grass.Adding the Reds to the background just made the tank pop.

James Acosta
They look kinda melted

Plants looked kinda beat up in the way the were wrapped alloy of leaves did fall off but im not to worried cuz I got good fertilizer and co2
I really wanted a certain rotala hra but I got instead a red lotus which isn't bad at all and in the pic you can see the lotus having a nice looking red leaf

Steven Allison
Great plants.

High quality.

Tyra Moore
Sexy reds

Loved these plants. They even made through the heat till I got home to take them inside. Way better plants than the store bought ones I got. Love our plants.

Matthew Peterson
We really like the plants!

I'm a complete noob at planted tanks but am giving this a try. The tank looks great with the plants. A few plants seem to be doing better than others. Also, the buenos aires tetras are munching on some for the plants. That's my bad. I'm figuring this out as I go. After one week I'm feeling pretty good that some of the plants will do well. Maybe we'll add some green plants later. Thanks dudes! We're enjoying the plants. Thumbs up!