Sexy Red Aquarium Package (We pick REDS!)

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Need some stunning Red Plants?

Try out this package and add some show stoppers to your tank. 5 plants for $34.95 *Note* Some of these plants are harder to keep!

A potential mix MIGHT look like....
1 Rotala Macrandra "Small Leaf
1 Rotala Macrandra "Big Leaf"
1 Limnophila Aromatica
1 Hygrophila Compact
1 Alternanthera Lilacina


1 Myriophyllum Tubercalatum
1 Rotala Macrandra


OR Some NEW ROTALA HRA, Or New Rotala Small leaf- OR a Crazy LUDWIGIA.

Or some other funky RED Hygro....


WE PICK THE PLANTS- YOU MIGHT NOT GET THESE EXACT PLANTS. Our Inventory Rotates... THIS COMBO lets us SHIP FIRE plants because we get to pick!

Don't Forget To Buy our Growth Juice and Iron Supplements for your plants!!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Great looking plants!!

Plants came in looking stunning! Zero melt or wilting from shipment. The plants look like they just got trimmed out of a tank. Great selection! Gave me a few challenging plants which is exactly what I was looking for. Time to step up my game!! Thanks Dunstin!!

Sexy for sure!!

FINALLY after stressfully waiting a full week for our plants to arrive (in winter storms...shipping delays) our red plants arrived to western Washington and are amazing anyway! The plants look pretty good considering the jet lag they must have. Ha!
We have a 90 gal tank that Dustin's starter combo has been doing swimmingly since Nov 2017. Needed some sexy red to break up this gorgeous green! Cant wait to see how it grows in!!! (Expecting that the reds recover from delivery-ha)

Love it!

There was a hiccup with getting the plants due to the storm. But they came within a good time all things considered! The plants were in really good shape and are now doing so well in my tank! I needed a break in all the green I have going on in my tank haha


First time ordering from here. I ordered the reds bundle of 4 plants and I ended up getting 8 plants I couldn’t be happier the color is so vibrant in my tank. Will order from here again for sure

Highly recommended!

Excellent selection of plants, all beautiful and healthy. Great price and fast shipping! Highly recommended! Than you!