"GREAT START for a planted tank" The Beginner's Planted Aquarium Combo

"GREAT START for a planted tank" The Beginner's Planted Aquarium Combo

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Beginners Listen Up. This combo is for you. If you are a pro and you know it all, buy plants individually or see what I have shaking with the higher level combos. (Golden Touch Combos are here) IF not: Dear Billy Beginner, I love beginner's because everyone was one at some point and if you get off to a good start you will soon have multi-tank-itis. ( A great problem many planted tank people have) But if you are looking at me for a beginner's planted combo; I am going to keep it super easy for you. These combos are easy plants and will make it so you have success right out of the gate.

Don't ask me if you can swap in plants on a beginner combo. You can't.

If you want specific plants, get them, I sell a crap load of them. IF YOU WANT TO TRUST ME TO HOOK YOU UP WITH PLANTS THAT WONT DIE- THIS COMBO IS FOR YOU. Sincerly, Dustin DustinsFishtanks Beginner planted tank combos are 5 different species of plants that are hardy-that's it. ---I pick them, not you.

A Beginner Planted Tank Combo comes with everything you need to get started....

10 Stems of Jungle Val 5 Stems of Dwarf Sag 5 Stems of Bacopa Monnieri 5 Leaves on a Java Fern 1 Anubias with over 5 leaves And... the most valuable part... Dustin's Dirted Tank Question ..and a few FishtankTV stickers. (images of all of it up soon!) All for 49$ plus shipping. Start your tank off right from the start. Start off with a beginners planted tank combo. (You can always add more and different plants later, but this is how you get started)

NOTE: I reserve the right to slightly alter this and all beginner combos based on supply at the time...but they will be hardy plants regardless.

On a scale of 1 to 10  (1 being plants that can grow in your Toilet)  (10 being near impossible)   THESE ARE ALL  LEVEL 1 to 3  Plants :) 

We believe in starting with EASY AQUARIUM PLANTS.... having success and moving on to more advanced once you have momentum.

To Buy our Growth Juice and Iron Supplements for your plants!!

Take it from our Customers! 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Wasnt starting a tank, was filling out my other three and there was more than enough to spread everything around. Everything came healthy, no discoloration and nothing felt slimy or weird. A week or so and everything seems to be taking on excellently. Very Happy with my purchase and ill probably buy the same pack again.
I agree with everyone who says a label for each plants wouldve been great as i immediately too the two labels i recieved and taped them to the side of my tank.

Ok not great

To Manny bunch type plants
But health and doing well so far. I like the label idea.

Loved it beautiful plants.

Great Plants all showed up beautifully. Only thing I would like to see in the future is each of the plants labeled. Especially for us new hobbyists who can not identify plant by just looking at them. Other than that will eventually be ordering again.


The plastic bag was ripped open water all over the box only two plants survive the rest were all dried out I put them in water but they didn't come back I am not pleased I paid enough for them

Awesome plant pack

As always I recieved healthy beautiful plants. Thank you Dustin and team. I'm always adding plants in my 10 planted tanks and your plants always add that special life to my tanks. Here is 1 tank I added a couple to.