"GREAT START for a planted tank" The Beginner's Planted Aquarium Combo

"GREAT START for a planted tank" The Beginner's Planted Aquarium Combo

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Beginners Listen Up. This combo is for you. If you are a pro and you know it all, buy plants individually or see what I have shaking with the higher level combos. (Golden Touch Combos are here) IF not: Dear Billy Beginner, I love beginner's because everyone was one at some point and if you get off to a good start you will soon have multi-tank-itis. ( A great problem many planted tank people have) But if you are looking at me for a beginner's planted combo; I am going to keep it super easy for you. These combos are easy plants and will make it so you have success right out of the gate.

Don't ask me if you can swap in plants on a beginner combo. You can't.

If you want specific plants, get them, I sell a crap load of them. IF YOU WANT TO TRUST ME TO HOOK YOU UP WITH PLANTS THAT WONT DIE- THIS COMBO IS FOR YOU. Sincerly, Dustin DustinsFishtanks Beginner planted tank combos are 5 different species of plants that are hardy-that's it. ---I pick them, not you.

A Beginner Planted Tank Combo comes with everything you need to get started....

10 Stems of Jungle Val 5 Stems of Dwarf Sag 5 Stems of Bacopa Monnieri 5 Leaves on a Java Fern 1 Anubias with over 5 leaves And... the most valuable part... Dustin's Dirted Tank Question ..and a few FishtankTV stickers. (images of all of it up soon!) All for 49$ plus shipping. Start your tank off right from the start. Start off with a beginners planted tank combo. (You can always add more and different plants later, but this is how you get started)

NOTE: I reserve the right to slightly alter this and all beginner combos based on supply at the time...but they will be hardy plants regardless.

On a scale of 1 to 10  (1 being plants that can grow in your Toilet)  (10 being near impossible)   THESE ARE ALL  LEVEL 1 to 3  Plants :) 

We believe in starting with EASY AQUARIUM PLANTS.... having success and moving on to more advanced once you have momentum.

To Buy our Growth Juice and Iron Supplements for your plants!!

Take it from our Customers! 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Great starter bundle, looks amazing

My first buy - but definitely not my last - from Dustin and crew. Bought this bundle for a 30g freshwater that I am standing up again. The only plant in the picture that wasn't in the bundle is the broadleaf Echinodorus in the center back. All other plants are from Dustin and crew. A few key points:

- My wife was home when they arrived and floated them in the tank at my request, since I was out of the house for the day. Noting this because of the next point...
- My wife (same wife as above) also remarked on how carefully and lovingly the plants were packaged. She commented for two days and told our kids, our parents, and who knows who else how much care went into the packing.

Because of this stellar care and attention along with prompt delivery and good communication, I can't imagine buying live plants anywhere else, including the local pet stores. These are amazing looking plants and I love the look of the tank. Apparently the gourami and small cichlid that live in that tank love them too, because they spend a lot of time ducking in and out of the foliage.

Support Dustin and buy yours now. You won't be disappointed!!

Are rocks fish safe?

Plant package was great! It's been a couple days since I planted and everything is good so far. Are the rocks that the plants were tied to fish aquarium safe?

So many plants!

I was really impressed about the number of plants they sent. We spent just as much for about half as many plants at the local fish store. Communication on shipping was excellent.

Aquarium combo for beginners

So we’ve all seen the movie Jaws right? The part where he’s chumming the water and sees the size of the shark and says, “we’re gonna need a bigger boat...”
Well I just got my Aquarium Combo for Beginners and I’m gonna need a bigger tank!

The quality of the plants was amazing but it’s the generous portions that will really help to get your tank started. If you have a local store, great. But they probably get their plants from Dustin like my does so why not just order direct? You won’t be disappointed but you may need to set up a new tank with everything he’s gonna send you.

Would recommend!

Very niiiice

Good variety, healthy, will be back if I catch multiple tank syndrome again.