Anubias Nana (Our Best Selling Anubias Aquarium Plant)

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Anubias Nana

STOP- As of 12-1-21 these are SMALLER THAN SHOWN but have big leaves. STILL NICE BUT LIKE 6-8 Leaves.

Anubias Nana s a tough plant and can perhaps even be kept with cichlids without being eaten. (though I haven't kept cichlids with it in a long time so I am not saying that your fish won't destroy it) There are two things about Anubias Nana that you have to keep in mind when putting it in your aquarium. The first rule with Anubias of any kind is that it is very sensitive to temperature shock. Acclimate the plant like you would a fish.

The second thing about Anubias is that you want to tie it to a rock or drift wood and NOT put the plant down in the gravel of your tank. ( I let my Anubia find its own way down to the gravel, but don't put it there on its own.) You’ll get about 7 leaves on each piece. (Grown under water not above like most places…less shock) 

We often have some crazy other varieties of Anubias worth checking out like Anubias Coffeefolia, Anubias Gigantia and Anubias Barteri.

Care Scale of 1-10: ( 1- it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)

Anubias Nana is a 1.5   The only reason it is not a 1 is because it doesn't like soft water.


Can handle super low lighting, grows faster

NOTE: Anubias likes a bit of water flow as it is a slow grower and this will keep stuff off of its leaves.

Where to Plant:

Tie it to some driftwood or to a rock. (Ask us for FREE wire to go in with your order.) Again- Don't bury it in the gravel :)

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Jen B

This is the size of a grapefruit, larger than I thought it would be. Healthy plant. Looks beautiful in the foreground.

Tom P
Nice Size!

Nice size and easy to attach to a rock or piece of driftwood. Will continue to use Dustin's to meet my need for plants!

Amber C

Arrived quickly, in amazing condition. Still wet, firm roots, no snails, very vibrant color, no bruising or scarring.

Chris D.

Beautiful, healthy plants with nice roots!

Tim Burkstrand
Awesome plant

Man this is one awesome looking anubias. Came in nice and healthy with nice big leaves my betta could not be happier with it.
Thanks dustin and team.