Aquarium Plant Packages D's Killer Planted Combos

This is my own 125 in my living room. All of the aquarium plants you see in this photo we stock. I'll make an awesome Aquarium Plant Package based around what YOU want in YOUR aquarium. Get a Combo! I'll make an Aquarium Plant Combo Package designed specifically for your tank setup and skill level in mind. Tell me about what you already have rolling and we will work out a killer aquarium plant pack for you. People have been buying all kinds of Aquarium Plant Combo Packages because they get hands on help. We take the guess work out of selecting plants for you. We pick them out. When you purchase one of our higher level aquarium plant packages for sale, you also get some killer plants that I don't have on the site. These Silver Planted Combos or Golden Planted Combos often contain hard to find species of Crypts, Crinum or Madagascar Lace Plants. Every Aquarium Plant Package is different. I like to talk with people about what kinda STYLE they want. (Do you want all grassy looking plants? Do you have a sweet piece of driftwood we are working with? What kinda fish are you rolling with ect) Freshwater aquarium plant packages are over HALF of what we sell. I get people all of the time who have seen my YouTube Videos and are wanting me to set them up with one of our aquarium plant habitats designed around their setup. Nothing feels better than going hands on with an open tank to make look great with our design. NOTE: If you order an Aquarium Plant Package from us and do not include the answers to the aquarium setup questions below, we will send you a nice variety of beginner aquarium plants, not anything fancy as we are flying blind without your tank information. Why Guess on what kinda plants you need? Answer a few simple questions... 1. What size tank do you have? 2. What kinda lighting you have. (how many bulbs, watt and spectrum) 3. Dirt or no Dirt? 4. Are you a Rookie, Intermediate or Straight up Pro. Dustin's Combos Start at $49.95 for a Beginner Combo Pack.