G.T.C. Golden Touch Combo

D's G.T.C. Golden Touch Combo

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Think the Silver Combos was sweet? Why go with Silver when you can have the Gold shipped to your door?

The GTC or "Golden Touch Combo" is for someone who has an empty tank and is looking to do it up right, right with the golden touch. This combo isn't for beginners and it isn't for people who aren't serious about having a sweet tank. It's for people who have watched my videos and say, "Yeah dude, I want my tanks to look like that. What do I got to do?" If you have asked yourself this question. the Golden Touch Combo is for you.

INCLUDED IN THIS COMBO IS 1 HOUR OF ONE ON ONE COACHING. (I value my time- this isn’t unlimited access to me) 

That's right. Why not have expert help on setting it up as well? We have found that the best way to have a great tank is to have a great plan going into it. Most of our customers have an idea of what they want it to look like but need help ironing out the plan. I spend about 30 minutes talking with you about your tank. We get what you have going on and where you want to go figured out. We then design a combo around what you are looking for.

We speak with you the night we are bagging up your plants if you would like and go over what's really looking great right now and where we are headed with this amazing assortment of plants. We make you a sweet combo with instructions of how we would set it up.

We also hand draw a design for you of where which plants should go.

A few things about the Golden Combo. Dirt is Gold for me and my method of keeping plants. If you aren't planning on dirting your tank, I will be somewhat limited on what I can provide you in this phat combo. (Some of the plants are going to require more nutrients in the roots to get them rocking, there are ways around this, but you all know how I prefer my planted tanks) You will get over 100 plants.

Here's an example of a Golden Touch Planted Combo Package... 2 Large Amazon Sword 1 Madagascar Lace Plant 1 Crinum Calamastratum (or C.natans, either way, its a Crinum and if you haven't owned one, you don't know what you're missing) 15 Stems of Ludwigia (A mix of the Narrow leaf Repens, Regular Repens and even some Needle Leaf Ludwigia aswell) 50 Stems of Dwarf Sag 25 Stems of Jungle Val (either Corkscrew or Phatty Val) 1 Crypt (Dark Red or Green) 2 Anubias Nana or Anubias Barteri or whatever wild Annubias I have around right now. 1 Phat Java Fern, either Windelov or Regular (with 4-5 leaves) OR YOU MIGHT GET SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

This is a custom Planted Tank Combo for a stuffed 75 gallon up to a 125 gallon tank. What I typically recommend works best for a Golden Touch Combo is that I get a description of your tank before I start mixing it up. We go back and forth a few times via email or phone and we get it rocking...I say email as I really need to get a good look at your tank to see what we are working with from the start. (Picture is worth 1000 words, though we will probably be having 1000 word plus phone conversation once we start making the plan)

As mentioned above, we call you up and get a plan going over the phone. WE DRAW A MAP OF HOW WE WOULD SETUP THIS TANK FOR YOU. You also may get a few small SICK pieces of Driftwood out of my personal stash if needed (I used to sell individual pieces but now I keep all killer driftwood for my combo people....That's you.)

2 Hunks of Red Clay....and whatever other random planted tank goodies I have laying around or you specifically need.

If you were to add up just the plants alone, it would be over $350 bucks.

Clay is $12 individually The Dirt Guide is 10 The Driftwood would be over $25 That's $375 or more. But that's not all..... The best part of the Golden Touch Combo is the ONE on ONE Aquascaping Coaching. You get help both during and AFTER you get the plants home. We send the Custom Aquascaping design home with your combo and you throw it together, then, we check out follow up photos of your tank after its planted. I'll answer any questions you might have and give you some advice on what should go where. You might also have questions on what to do next or how to trim this plant ect.... We've got you covered.

The key to the Golden Touch Combo is AFTER your tank is planted we talk for about an hour about where we are and where we are heading and what to expect next. We also help you make adjustments on whats working and what is not two weeks or so later. Look, you aren't spending $40 with this combo, you are paying for some help to make it sweet. I'm shipping it all to you in a nice phat numbered Dustin’s Fishtanks box for $499.99.

If you have questions or want to talk through it, call 859-241-1614 and leave a message saying "I Want A Golden Touch" People have been giving me awesome feedback on these, every time. Look- I wouldn't sell anything with the words Golden Touch if it wasn't going to be awesome. Get one.

Customer Reviews

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Wow! unbeleivable amount of plants!

Just received my Golden Touch order, i was nearly overwhelmed with the quantity of plants as well as the sizes and conditions of the plants. All were in excellent condition and the map helped provide a starting point to "stuff" them into the tank! The back and forth feedback of what kind of plants and overall goals was super helpful.

Golden Touch 1 of 2

So Dustin and I talked on night I left it in his hands to send me what he thinks would be best. Lord have mercy !!! Soooooo much!!! Never did I think I would’ve had that many plants to get in the tank! All healthy and beautiful and makes my tank look to much better!! We’ll go at it again in a few weeks and fill it up ever more.

Elaine Goddard
Fabulous Plants & Coaching

I received a fabulous selection of plants and a planting map. The best part of the package was the video call with Dustin that occurred about two weeks after planting. During this call, he gave ideas and suggestions that took my tank from great to amazing.

The reason for only 4 stars is that I never received any of the promised package extras "2 Hunks of Red Clay. 1 Dustin's Dirted Tank Guide or Dirted tank DVD. ...and whatever other random planted tank goodies" nor did I receive a response to my email requesting the missing items.

Figured it got lost in the greenhouse 2.0 build...

Second box was great too.

Updating my review since I got my second box a while back and things have had time to grow in.

This package does not disappoint. My tank is full, y’all: swords (several different kinds), red plants, plants that help with nitrates like water wisteria, hygrophilas, carpeting plants, saggitaria, buce, driftwood, and more. It’s definitely worth it.

I got the standard double too and my plants are all growing. Haven’t lost a single one. I can’t wait to see my tank in a few more months when it’s all grown in.

Josh and Dustin do it up right. Thanks, you two! And thank you to anyone else behind the scenes whose name I don’t know. My whole family, including our four year old, has enjoyed this experience and loves the tank!

Amy Thames
I am so glad I decided to do this package!!!

Just got my first shipment in this order and I am absolutely blown away! I received some awesome driftwood and a ridiculous amount of incredible plants, including red plants and BUCE!

When I saw the map suggesting how to position the driftwood, I loved it way more than anything I would have chosen on my own. And you know what else I wouldn’t have chosen, but love? The buce! I had seen pictures of it but was pretty meh about it. Until I saw it in person...it’s beautiful! The deep bluish one is my favorite. There is also deep green, lighter green, and even pink in the different ones. The pearlescence in them is what really hooked me though.

If you’re trying to decide whether to do this combo or not, DO IT!! I gave Dustin my info: tank size, water chemistry, exidting plants, equipment, and so on, and he figured out what I’d like better than I ever could’ve. I am so excited to see my tank after the last shipment.