Bacopa Monnieri (Moneywort- HARDY Stem Plant)

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AS OF 3-2-22 these are taller than shown, with slightly less leaves lower but have nice ROOTS. (They have been Regrown out) They are Nice plants. Read recent reviews. We cycle these to be the best underwater grown we can.

Do you want a hardy stem plant that is easy to care for?

Check out Bacopa monnieri.  We have kept it's exotic looking cousin "Bacopa Yellow Flame" for a good while now.  Bacopa monnieri is just as easy to keep.

One of the great things about Bacopa monnieri is that you can float it or plant it down in the substrate.

Due to the THICKER Stem this Bacopa monnieri will take a second to adjust to your aquarium because it is a thicker plant. This is also a benefit as this plant can handle the abuse of a beginner.

Looking for a brighter Colored Bacopa? Try Bacopa Caroliniana "Yellow Flame"

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Care Scale of 1-10: ( 1- it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)
Difficulty- I would have to give it almost a .5 or 1. This plant can grow in just about ANY environment. I've seen it keep in low light ( almost no light) and grow in low light very well. Definitely easy

Lighting: Low lighting will give you solid growth

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Noob Aquarium Addict

The plant arrived in beautiful condition. Even though I manage to kill everything this one is holding strong. I just started using the growth juice and that seems to be helping too.

Amber C
Great plant

Came in very healthy and without imperfections. No snails, still wet, speedy delivery.


They usually surprise me with more than I expected, but not this time. They did have a couple roots and if they are as tough as advertised should be alright.

Chris Foster
Awesome and lively

These plants were absolutely awesome, healthy and beautiful. Shipping was super fast. Already put in an order for more.

Looks great.

This moneywort came in looking great, a very generous number of stems, and most with roots already forming on them. Dustin and his crew did an amazing job, this was my first order from them and I will definitely be ordering from them again.