"GREAT START for a planted tank" The Beginner's Planted Aquarium Combo

"GREAT START for a planted tank" The Beginner's Planted Aquarium Combo

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Beginners Listen Up. This combo is for you. If you are a pro and you know it all, buy plants individually or see what I have shaking with the higher level combos. (Golden Touch Combos are here) IF not: Dear Billy Beginner, I love beginner's because everyone was one at some point and if you get off to a good start you will soon have multi-tank-itis. ( A great problem many planted tank people have) But if you are looking at me for a beginner's planted combo; I am going to keep it super easy for you. These combos are easy plants and will make it so you have success right out of the gate.

Don't ask me if you can swap in plants on a beginner combo. You can't.

If you want specific plants, get them, I sell a crap load of them. IF YOU WANT TO TRUST ME TO HOOK YOU UP WITH PLANTS THAT WONT DIE- THIS COMBO IS FOR YOU. Sincerly, Dustin DustinsFishtanks Beginner planted tank combos are 5 different species of plants that are hardy-that's it. ---I pick them, not you.

A Beginner Planted Tank Combo comes with everything you need to get started....

10 Stems of Jungle Val 5 Stems of Dwarf Sag 5 Stems of Bacopa Monnieri 5 Leaves on a Java Fern 1 Anubias with over 5 leaves.

All for 59$ plus shipping.

Start your tank off right from the start. Start off with a beginners planted tank combo. (You can always add more and different plants later, but this is how you get started)

NOTE: I reserve the right to slightly alter this and all beginner combos based on supply at the time...but they will be hardy plants regardless.

(If the Val isn't great- we aren't shipping it, we might send Hardy Water Wisteria instead for example. We might send Bacopa Yellow Flame instead of Bacopa Monerie ect.)

On a scale of 1 to 10  (1 being plants that can grow in your Toilet)  (10 being near impossible)   THESE ARE ALL  LEVEL 1 to 3  Plants :) 

We believe in starting with EASY AQUARIUM PLANTS.... having success and moving on to more advanced once you have momentum.

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Take it from our Customers! 

Customer Reviews

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Matt Terrell
Great plants

Plants arrived quick and in great condition. Was able to get them planted to get plenty of growth while my tank cycles!


Great experience! Very nicely packaged and nice quality of plants!

chris mckinnon
awesome package

Plants came in healthy and nice variety. The quantity was higher thn expected and the quality appears to be top notch. 10/10 I'll be ordering from Dustin again.


THE best store for aquatic plants, hands down. Super fast delivery, the plants are alive and healthy, everything is absolutely perfect and I couldn’t be happier with the quality. My panda corys have had the zoomies ever since putting the plants in the aquarium. I’m sure they’d give it five stars as well.

John S.
Wish I received something other than stem plants

This was the first time buying from Dustin. I Received:
Mayaca Vandelli
Water Wisteria
Hygrophila Stricta
Rotala Rotundifolia Regular
Rotala Rotundifolia Green
Alternanthera Reineckii "Regular"
Dwarf Sagittaria

While all arrived fine, I wish I had received some midground plants instead of many long-stem plants. I understand the rule for swapping, so it was bought at my own risk, but size variation would have been preferred.