What's up folks. Josh here and these are my TOP 5 EASIEST AQUARIUM PLANTS

1. Anubias - All of the Anubias we carry but one, Anubias Coffeefolia, are the easiest plants to keep. They are low light, super durable, hardy, and full of different shape leaves with DEEP and Light Green hues. One of my favorite plants to watch grow. The proper way to plant an Anubias is very difficult. It requires you to plant the bottom of the rhizome parallel to the dirt with the roots in the dirt. If you plant your Anubias and it dies. That's on you. We don't suggest doing this unless you want to. The plant will grow faster this way but may also die. We suggest tying this plant to a rock or piece of wood with a black wire or glue. It will grow slower but the Rhizome won't rot from being buried in the dirt! Outside of that they are really durable plants. Goldfish and Cichlids mostly have trouble eating this plants. Granted some are just more aggressive than others. Hands down the top of the list for the easiest aquarium plant. It grows when it is left alone and the environment is stable. Truly a walk away from it plant!




2. Java Fern - Java Fern is a beautiful plant. It's almost impossible to kill. It too is a rhizome plant. The leaves will likely die back because of the transition although as long as the rhizome is green, the plant will produce more leaves! Slowly. While it's super easy. It's a low light plant that likes to sit and doesn't like change. It's a slow grower. This plant is easy. It is meant to be tied to a piece of driftwood or rock for the same reasons as the Anubias above. This plant will propogate by producing little black pods all along the leaf. Over time those pods will pop and produce small leaves. These are new Java Ferns sprouting off the leaves. Let them mature!

The windelov is as similarly easy, but has an alien-looking morph on the tips.




3. Jungle Vallisneria - Don't get me wrong. Jungle val doesn't adjust well. It hates change. Although, it doesn't die from melting back. It just grows to adjust to it's new environment. The problem with that is, It takes forever to establish itself with plenty of new roots and leaves. As it does. it begins to send off runners on shoots. Creating new stems throughout the substrate. While Jungle Val dies back almost every time it moves and takes forever to take off in your tank, once it does, it will absolutely blow up in your tank. With little to no effort on your part. As I said it may appear to be dead or not healthy but with little to no effort besides planting it on your part, that plant will begin to take hold and after a couple of months will start really surprising you! Definitely one of the easiest plants you can buy!




4. Dwarf Saggitaria Subulata (Dwarf Sag) - Easily the most basic foreground plant! This guy won't take long to start rooting in your tank and trying to populate the substrate. Much like Jungle Val, It's not a fan of being moved, That being said, it doesn't die back nearly as much, and it also has a much faster growth rate. This is a plant it and walk away plant. If you see yellowing in the leaves after it's already established, you are having nutrient problems. A great plant to indicate there is a deficiency in your tank. If you can't keep Dwarf Sag rolling and happy in your tank then you need to do some extra digging to find out what's really causing you a problem. This is hands down one of the easiest and one of the most fun plants to watch grow!





5. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Bacopa Monnieri (Moneywort)- This plant is by far one of the easiest plants I've ever kept. I've never kept so many of one plant in such terrible conditons for so long. A grey tub, with countless stems sitting on top of it in shady GH 1.0 for about 2 months. When I peeled it all back. it wasn't thriving but it was most certainly surviving and growing. The top 3 inches of the plants were full of beautiful round green leaves. This was a testiment to it's fortitude. Bacopa Monnieri will strive to survive every time. A great plant for any beginner who's trying to learn about stem plants.