Java Fern Windelov

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NOTE: The photos labeled "AS OF 8/24/22" depict the current plant that we are selling. If you order this plant, that is what you will receive. 

Java Fern Windelov is a unique species of Java Fern with an interesting look. The tops of Windelov Java Fern have pom-pom like bushes on the tops of the leaves. I recently found out that Java Fern Windelov was named after Holger Windelov, the founder of Tropica in Denmark. (For those of you who don't know, Tropica is a world reknown company for aquatic plants.

Many great species originate from their facility or are cross breed there. --Making Java Fern Windelov extra cool) I have kept Java Fern Windelov in both high and low light aquariums. I can tell you that it will grow differently in each. When I had it in the lower light 55, it grew with wider leaves and smaller bushes at the top. These plants we are offering here came out of my 220. They were under high light and water around 75 degrees.

The best way to keep Java Fern Windelov or any Java Fern is to tie it to a rock or a piece of driftwood with black thread. This is what I did when I first this plant for my 220. I took a small portion of two leaves and tied the rhizome several times over and over again to a rock. I don't recall how long it actually took the Windelov Java Fern to really take off, but I can tell you that once it got adjusted and a good grasp on the rock--- It went nuts. Get a piece like you see in the picture for your planted tank now. It takes a second and a bit of effort to tie it to a rock, but that's about the only work your are going to have to do to the plant, ever.
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Customer Reviews

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Nice plant

Jamey Eisenberger
These plants didn't grow for me.

This plant just didn't do well for me. I do great with all Anubias varieties, water sprite, top plants like frogbit. But these guys never grew OR wilted, they just seemed dormant for the 3 months I had them.
Just threw them out and planted more anubias.


Two plants in one

thomas burrows
Small tank plant

Different. It has 2 different looking leaves. Short and wide. Nice.

Dani Greene

I had this plant in my tank before and I LOVE IT !!!! When I got a serious case of algea in my tank it turned my plants black and it broke my heart because I couldn't find replacement plants ANYWHERE!!! When I found them on your site I was SO EXCITED!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!