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Customer Tank: Jess D. “Wanted to show you how wonderful your light has been on my 75 g tall tank. Here's the BEFORE and AFTER. The crazy part - I've only had your light on this tank for 3 weeks, and I've been trimming the plants like crazy during that time. I'm still wanting the background plants to grow in more, but give it another three weeks and this tank will look perfect.”

Customer Tank: @georgeszary “This is my 75 with driftwood and plants from Dustin. The plant juice is amazing. Thanks guys!”

Customer Tank: Mike S. “This is my 10 gallon tank. It is dirted and capped with sand. It has been running for 9 months. It took 3 months to get a full carpet. Java fern is the central focal point of the tank.”

Customer Tank: Alan B. “46 bow, 29g, and 10g”

Customer Tank: Narshima S.

Customer Tank: Clint E. “Hi everyone. This is my 120 high (60"×18"×26") The one picture is right after I planted the tank, and the other is what it looks like now about 4 months later. All of the plants I got from Dustin and couldn't be happier with the results. It is dirted, I am running CO2 (just a little) and I dose your growth juice and iron. I have been watching you guys on YouTube for over 3 years now; a lot of the old stuff too. Let me tell you what, if you take the advice you can't go wrong! The proof is clearly in the pudding. Thank you so much, best wishes for the greenhouse 2.0, keep selling that fire, and keep up with all the great advice.”

Customer Tank: Kim S. “The first photo is my 38 gallon tall, these beautiful plants arrived today! So excited to see them grow! I have fossils, petrified wood and agates from the local rivers in the tank with them. The next two photos are my 55 gallon aquarium with fossils, agates, and petrified wood from local rivers and creeks, and of course, your light! These plants arrived today! I was so impressed with D’S standard combo plant pack I purchased! Thank you for the plants you picked out for me. You did a fantastic job listening to my preferences and tailoring a combo for me. The 4th and final photo is my 37 gallon tank, I call it my ‘grunge style tank’. Loved your plants! They’re beautiful! My fish love it too, as someone is always spawning in it! My favorite is the red tiger lotus and the camboba carolinia. I will never get plants anywhere else. Thank you for your videos, too! They started my tank obsession, and now I have 4 planted aquariums! Most plants in here came from your beginner’s planted combo.”

Customer Tank: Doug F. “My 125”

Customer Tank: @dewey.dw “Since you did a video on IG about Amazon Swords, here are some pics of my swords. I have two planted tanks, a 125 and a 90. The substrate in the 125 is soil and Eco-complete. The substrate in the 90 is sand and Fluval Stratum. Both tanks have CO2 injection and auto dosing ferts. Lights are Fluval 3.0 on for 6 hrs. Some of the plants I did get from you. Keep up the great work!”

Customer Tank: @mtourney “My new 40gal breeder setup, freshly planted. Most of the stem plants came from @dustinsfishtanks recent $1 stem sale. Here’s to a new start! The second pic may be my favorite new plant - mayaca Sellowiniana. Surprised that it’s doing better than any of the other stem plants I recently purchased. Thriving!”

Customer Tank: Jeffrey G. “Here’s a pic of the 55 after one week of owning the LED! 👍”

Customer Tank: Leroy S. “The fist shot is before my new @dustinsfishtanks order came in and the other two are after. Look how green them swords are and the reds of what ever the hell them red ones are.”

Customer Tank: @mini_tech92 "Hey Dustinsfishtanks team! This is my 75g. It’s seen quite a few changes including a tank replacement last January. I have various types of crypts, swords, Anubias, and some jungle Val. Just received your beginner plant combo and I couldn’t be happier. I’m really hoping to out compete an ongoing algae with the newly added plants. I really kick myself for not buying a combo sooner and planting heavy from the get go. Anyways love your vids and the plants you sell are top notch! Thanks again Dustinsfishtanks!"

Customer Tank: Joyce W. "Dustin's lights with no CO2"

Customer Tank: Chem Flaco M. “Represent!”

Customer Tank: @urfavorite5oh “Hey Dustin! I wanted to share with you my 3 month old 20L low tech tank. I’ve been watching your videos for years now and your success with low tech tanks inspired me to get back into the hobby. I previously only kept saltwater tanks but wanted to give freshwater planted a try. The tank is heavily stocked with 22 fish including a shoal of breeding Celestial pearl danios, a old twig catfish, Pygmy Cory cats, and oto’s with over 60 breeding dwarf shrimp! I run a aquaclear 20 as the only filtration besides weekly 10-20% WC. I was interested in testing the effectiveness of using floating plants as the primary method of nitrogen removal, as in the saltwater hobby we use microalgae scrubbers with great success. I pull handfuls of frogbit from the tank almost daily and I wanted to share my experience to a large following. My nitrates never exceed 10ppm even with twice daily feedings and the tank does not grow any algae. I believe the subdued lighting along with the natural floating nitrogen sponge has created a nice balanced ecosystem. It works so well that I have to supplement the shrimp and aufwuch feeders with Bacter AE! Thanks for taking the time to read all this, and thanks again for putting out great educational content!”

Customer Tank: Stefanie K “Top is with new light, bottom is with old light, old substrate full of gas bubbles! Photos taken 1 month apart. This is a 29 gallon live bearing community tank. Some are Dustin’s plants, some are not. Guppies, mollies, platies, swordtail, male betta, cherry and glass shrimp, variety of snails, understocked. L30x12x18H. Substrate is organic earthworm castings & raw GA red clay & crushed oyster shells 1 inch, then 2-3mm gravel another inch. Thank you for all the webinars and info you’ve shared with us. Since I was born in 1980, it’s kind of like watching a classmate grow and succeed in pursuing your dreams. Lots of people rooting for you and your family. My family wishes happy tanks to you and yours.”

Customer Tank: @chango_larouche "75 is coming along nicely big thanks to Dustin's FishTanks"

Customer Tank: @sworrab_nadnerb “Ciclid Combo! Here’s a start! Thanks again for all the extras!”

 @stu.barickman “I sit on the couch and watch this tank more than I do TV. Even my 3 month old daughter loves watching! Big thank you for teaching me everything I know and tremendous customer service!”

Customer Tank: @ibamcardenas “African Cichlid Tank (80gal.) with anubias I bought from Dustin over a year ago.
I’ve moved those anubias from different tanks. This is where they will stay from now on...”

Customer Tank: Amy T. “Just thought you guys might like to see this:
I purchased the sword in the first pic almost exactly one year ago (pictured in a 20long). Second pic is it reaching the top of my 75gallon dirted tank one year later (today). I use only weekly water changes, growth juice, Potassium, and iron...no CO2. And I purchased all of those from y’all.
Thanks so much for the great plants and the knowledge and resources to grow them well!
Your lifelong customer"

Customer Tank: Joshua R. “Thank you Dustin Wunderlich for the substrate advice you gave on a webinar. I changed mine out two ish weeks ago and my plants are crazy. Some plants are from you as well but everything has doubled in size.

Customer Tank: @ashley_hugh_mcmillin “75 gallon. The Amazon Swords y’all sold me didn’t stay too small. lol.

Customer Tank: George “Tank details:
Aqua one aqua aspire 55 glass aquarium 55 litre
substrate:tropica soil
Bog wood
Tall Hair grass-Japonica-moss balls-Sagittaria subulata tropica tissue culture grown-Ludwigia repens rubin tropica tissue culture grown- Vallisneria spiralis-Guppy grass maybe?-narrow leaf java fern-Duck weed
MIxed guppy-Glowlight tetra-Neon tetra-Black molly-Hovering zebra loaches-Red cherry shrimp-Honey gourami-forktail rainbowfish
Thanks for your vids dusty good luck with the green house we need a giant community mixed fish tank showcasing all your plants you sell. 🤙 Tank on

Customer Tank: Thomas B. I wanted to share the progress of my 55gal tank. The 1st photo is right after I set up this tank last September, and the 2nd photo is after 8 months of growth. It's a dirted tank with white sand cap. Dustin's YouTube channel inspired me to try using dirt, and this is my 3rd tank I've set up with a dirted substrate. I've been very happy with the results! I also use GrowthJuice periodically, but I'm lazy and don't think to add it often.
95% of my plants came from Dustin. I've got a few species of blue-eyed rainbowfish in this tank (forktails, red neons, and gertrudes).