Dustin's Standard Aquarium Plant  Combo Plant Pack

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D's Standard Aquarium Plant Combo Plant Pack

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Don't know what you want in your planted tank? Not sure what will work with your setup? Let me pick out a batch of some great aquarium plants and send them to you. cory cats in the 125 planted tank I'll pick plants straight out of my tanks. Plants that will rock in your tank. The Standard Aquarium Plant Combo Package is ment for the beginner who is looking to get off on the right foot. You might not even have a dirted tank or are just getting started with one. The goal of the Standard Plant Combo is to get you some success with classic, hardy plants that will keep you wanting more out of your tank. This combo is good for a 29 to 55 gallon tank. An EXAMPLE of a Standard Combo would be: 25-30 Jungle Val Stems 24 Dwarf Sag Stems 1 Nice Java Fern 1 Massive Amazon Sword 1 Crypt Spiralis. and 3 Fishtank TV sitckers YOU GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY WITH A COMBO THEN YOU DO IF YOU ORDER PLANTS INDIVIDUALLY. I pick out the plants. Send me the answers to these questions in the comment box and I'll get you a sweet combo that will fit your setup: IN THE COMMENTS on your order....answer these questions... 1. What size tank do you have? 2. What kinda lighting you have. (how many bulbs, watt and spectrum) 3. Dirt or no Dirt? 4. Are you a Rookie, Intermediate or Straight up Pro. Order a planted combo now and see what Dustin would put in a tank....