'VARIEGATED' Water Wisteria (Unique Aquarium Plant)

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Hygrophila Difformis 'Variegated' is just like it's non variegated version! It's as easy to keep! The massive difference is the crazy white color that is actually a virus in the plant, though it is not the kind that spreads. It's 100% safe for your aquarium. Water Wisteria is truly beautiful and unique! Below is the emersed version of the plant. The leaves become thinner as it converts to a submerged state. Check out the non-variegated page for an example!

Planting Instructions: Remove the binding..We suggest that you plant the stem directly into the substrate. You may be able to plant the bulk of the lower part of the stem under a rock to encourage a larger root structure.

Difficulty : On a scale from 1-10. 1 being it can grow in a toilet. 10 being impossible. I give the Variegated Water wisteria a 2. It needs a little bit of time to get rolling and to put off some nice roots but it's definitely a beginner plant.

Lighting: I would say a low to moderate lighting set up is more than adequate for this plant.

Temps: This plant prefers the warmer tanks. Sometimes up to 80 degrees but it can definitely grow in the high 60s to low 70s no problem!

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Customer Reviews

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Thank you for fixing my order, I always have faith that Dustin’s will make things right. Plants are great and adjusting nicely.

James McCabe
Did not receive the right plants

Long time customer of Dustin’s and this is first time my order has been screwed up. I did not receive the plants I ordered. I received red root floaters, a tiger lotus and something else.

Jamie Hade
You Can’t Go Wrong

Dustin and the crew alway produce the best plants.

Joni P
Clean and healthy!

Very happy with this purchase! Will be buying more soon.

Kevin S.
Super healthy with a ton of roots

I really like the color variation in this plant it’s a nice change from the darker greens and reds.