Hygro Row Aquarium Plant Package

  • $34.95
  • Save $5.05


We know you've been waiting for this! That's right a Hygrophila Aquarium Plant Package.

You won't find anything like Hygro Row in the world. Seeming as it has some plants we believe our supplier is the creator of. Specifically the Hygrophila Cordata Red!

Here's the deal. Hygrophila is typically easy to keep and extremely hardy. We do suggest only buying this combo with a very decent light and hard water table.

Hygro Row comes with some of our favorites. 5 species of Hygrophila. You read that right. Five species of Hygrophila for only $34.95. Get the best Hygrophila Money can buy.

*NOTE THAT WE MAY SUBSTITUTE!I* You will be notified on your order form on receiving the plants!
Those 5 species are:
1 Hygrophila Parawitota - Midgournd to Background
1 Hygrophila Cordata "Red" - Backgorund
1 Hygrophila Compact - Foreground
1 Hygrophila Nachimale - Background
1 Hygrophila Difformis (Water Wisteria) - Midground to Background

Possible Substitutions (Our decision based on Inventory)
1 Hygrophila Difformis "Variegated" - Midground to Background
1 Hygrophila Stricta - Midground to Background

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