Hygrophila cordata 'Red' ( Gangster Red Aquarium Plant for Sale)

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Hygrophila cordata RED

Sometimes I order plants just because they sound cool and I have no idea what they are. I rolled the dice with this one and it came up yahtzee! Generally speaking, most hygraphila are super easy plants to keep. One of our best selling plants is Hygrophila difformis aka water wisteria.


When I saw the words "Hygrophila" I figured it would be an easy one to grow. I was right. The RED on this Hygrophila cordata is a real winner for me. This plant was originally grown above water (Like most aquarium plants) however, we were able to watch it quickly adapt to life entirely under water in just a few days.

This plant has a hardy stem to it and has some really great red colors to it. I would use this plant as a back ground plant as a nice contrast along side some tall and skinny grassy plants.

On a scale of 1 to 10. One being duckweed or java moss. 10 being some insane plant that needs full CO2, crazing lighting and fertilizers, I give this plant a 4.5 The only reason it isn't a 3 is because you might find it looks a bit better with some fertilizers for its redish colors.

The more light and fertilizers you give it, the more red love it will show!

GRAB SOME- This Hygrophila Cordata Red DOES NOT LAST

Care Scale of 1-10: ( 1- it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)

Hygrophila Cordata Red is a 1.5.  It is a fast grower but will look the best and live up to its name of "RED" when you provide better lighting to it.


Can handle low light but will grow faster and look better in high light.

Where to Plant:


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Ronald Murray
Love this plant

I put it in my 36 gal bow front. A very healthy plant when I received it!

Athena Macias

These grow best for me! And I've 22 tank's of random Size's. I had to order more! Best deal here

Brian The Echo Guy
Brian the Echo Guy

Let’s put this in perspective ... I’ve ordered a lot of crap from
Countless places related to this hobby , just plants , well over a grand. I’ve ordered from Dustin before , that went well . This order blew my baggy old undies off !!! He sent a virtual forest ... best plant quality I have ever received in over 10 years . End of story . Legit business . One of the most significant things that sets this outfit apart from many other distributors are those pictures and videos of what the product should look like - they are not an exaggeration or slanted selling piece of what you will receive . Of course there will be variation but overall it’s great to see that sincere effort .

Tia B.
Snail free, no melt.

These are beautiful in my 20 gallon.
They’ve been in about a week now with no melt and no snails.
Color contrast is just what I needed for my planted tank

Donald Sunnerberg

I added the Hygrophilia cordata because I wasn't sure if I would get any "red" in the Cheap Combo. I did but they all look great! All arrived looking healthy with vigorous root growth.