Discus aquarium plants for sale

It is well known that Discus Fish like a higher temperature of water between 80 and 88 degrees. While plants can certainly adapt, we have found that anything over 82 degrees is more or less has a negative impact on a plants health.  WE RECOMMEND KEEPING YOUR DISCUS TANK AT 80 Degrees for best plant growth. CONVERSLY WE DO NOT RECOMMEND KEEPING PLANTS ABOVE 82.   Additionally, 99% of all plants like a PH of 7 or higher so if you are running a lower PH (Below 7) you might struggle to keep plants in those condition or may experience a drastic melt back and re-growth, re-adjustment.

Below are some of our recommendations for plants in a Discus aquarium

Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus) - Bolbitus  - Cryptocoryne  -Echinodorus (Swords) 

Hygrophila (we have many :) -   Dwarf Tiger Lily (Red Tiger Lotus), Jungle Val and Bacopa!