Bolbitus (BULLET PROOF) heudelotii, African Water Fern

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NOW is the time for this plant. Looks like the photo next to my hand or shoe. 
Bolbitus heudelotii also know as African water fern. Who wants a mega hardy fern that can tolerate almost any conditions?

You can thank our late friend, the botanical explorer of West Africa Jean-Pierre Heudelot. Our man Jean-Pierre found this cool plant and gave it the heudelotii name. These plants are coming to you DIRECTLY from Africa to Dustin's tanks and on to yours.

Yep. These are the perfect plants for me to import and for you to keep in your aquarium... why?

First- they can handle the abuse of cichlids with their hardy, thick leaves.

Second- They can adapt to almost any tank conditions. I have always kept them in slightly harder water but I hear they can take softer water as well. Like other ferns such as Java Fern, or its smaller cousin, Baby Bolbitus...

Bolbitus likes to be tied to something. Think of it like you would Anubias. Tie it to a nice rock or driftwood. The one slight drawback to Bolbitus is that it isn't the fastest growing plant.

Because of it's slightly slower growth habit- I've always kept Bolbitus in a bit more water flow, which it seems to like and keeps algae off of it.

Grab a cool piece of driftwood, some super glue or wire and make yourself some Bolbitus trees for your tank.

DON'T MISS THIS PLANT. It's made for Any Skill Level.

Ask us for a FREE Piece of Metal Wire to tie down you Bolbitus 

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Customer Reviews

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Unfortunately, my plant didn’t make it in shipping. Looks like it would have been in great condition if it wasn’t for the weather though!

Catherine Akers
Love it!

This is my second order from Dustin’s and the plants are top notch. Fast shipping, great packaging, beautiful and mature plants! I’ll never order plants from anywhere else.

Dave Conrad
African water Fern

I recently ordered two water ferns and received about six
Plants were healthy and big! Good quality and nice addition To my tank.

Steve Stucko
10 times better than what I expected!

I ordered the bolbitus and was expecting a few 4 to 6 inch stems. Just like it said in the ad. Instead, I got over a dozen, with two that were over a foot tall. The packaging was over the top and definitely saved the plant from getting hurt in the Florida heat where I live. It’s 4:20 PM now so I have to go check out my fish tanks. Enjoy yours with some new plants from Dustin!

Alan Smith
A generous shipment of Bolbitus heudelotii

Once again Dustin has outdone himself. I placed an order for two B. heudelotii and received 8 rhizomes! The photo shows them acclimating in a newly setup, tannin-rich 110-gallon-tall aquarium, each rubber-banded to a river rock. Thanks, Dustin.