Rotala Rotundifolia Green Plant

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They are fairly easy to keep and are a beginner plant. The Rotundifolia has a moderate growth rate and enjoys Iron supplementation to fill it's color. Check out the "Red" variant!


We give it a 2 on a difficulty scale from 1 to 10!

Care Scale of 1-10:

2.  Rotala is included in our BEGINNER PLANTED AQUARIUM COMBO PACKAGE for a reason! It's easy!


My experience with Rotala is that it is undemanding of high light, but will grow more compact in higher light. Rotala rotundifolia will be a bit more leggy in lower light.

Where to Plant:

 Anywhere from Foreground to background depending on how well you keep it, the size of your tank, and can easily be trimmed if it becomes too tall, but will never be as tall as a Hygro nachimale for example

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Pyfferoen
Trying something new!

I've never had this plant before and I'm excited to see how it does for me. I bought one bunch and had several pieces in it. I love the light green color, it will be a nice contrast with all of the dark in my tank!

Surprised (in a good way)

I bought this plant to break up some of the more unique plants I ordered and to get more greenery in my tank. This plant was by far the smallest and traveled the worst. HOWEVER. After a few days in my tank it's revived itself and looking better than ever. I'm glad I stuck with this little guy as it's now thriving and an essential piece to my tank. I'm glad I took a stab on this one as the greenery is perfect to balance out a lot of the reds and burnt orange tip plants i also bought. If i can't propagate this one successfully, I will be buying more!

William Peterson
Rotana Rotundifolia

Beautiful plants plus recieved bonus plant! Thanks guys! Dustins Fishtanks is my go to for aquarium plants!

Joshua Valentiner

With the weather at the time of purchase was really curious on what was going to happen but delayed shipping do to weather to ensure plant health so extremely happy about and when the plant showed up healthy happy and already showing new growth in only 5 days in my quarantine tank truly impressed!

Kyle S
Healthy plants

Received very healthy. Nice vibrant green and so far no melting. A little shorter than I expected, but I know they will grow in no time.