Rotala "Small Leaf" Macrandra

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STOP- THESE ARE BETTER THAN THE PHOTOS. If you are keeping any nice stem plants at all TRY THESE TODAY.

How would you like a nice red contrast? Say Hello to Rotala Macrandra...the small leaf variety.... THESE ARE MUCH EASIER TO KEEP THAN THEIR LARGER LEAVED BROTHERS.

These plants like a bit more light but if you are already keeping some red plants TRY THEM!  This is a MIDGROUND PLANT.

Much like the "big leaf" this light likes above average lighting. It needs plenty of attention!! It's identical to it's counterpart minus the obvious leaf size of the plant! These are only $11.95 and they are awesome!  Get them while we have them!!!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Lisa Schultz

Bigger than I expected which made it perfect for my beta sorority. They can easily swim through the leaves. Arrived fast and healthy.

Sherry P
Love this

This is a pretty plant and I got a nice bunch, they bring some lovely color to my tank.

Brandon May
Vibrant color!

My first time trying macranda and you guys did not disappoint. A monster bunch of this hardy little red plant.

Marcie Donnelly

Beautiful red and yellows , these plants look great in my 75 gallon!

Joe Puggioni
Look beautiful

Wasn't sure how they're were going to fit in,but they are a great accent and look beautiful and healthy, thanks again look forward to future business