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Liquid CO2 Plant Booster (Aquarium Plant Fertilizer)

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Give your Plants a CO2 Boosting. Want better looking plants quickly? I am pleased to announce my own Plant Booster Liquid CO2 as the next Fertilizer available from Dustin's Fish Tanks. Carbon Dioxide is something that EVERY Planted Aquarium could use more of. (People ask me constantly- Dude, do I need CO2?)

You certainly need some. Remember folks, - Plants breath the opposite of human. Humans breath in and use oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide. YOUR Aquarium Plants do just the opposite. Plants absorb Carbon Dioxide and produce Oxygen. So give your plants what they want more of, Give them more CO2 This CO2 formula has been a blast to perfect and adjust in my own 220.

Even Steve came over and mentioned how much more lush everything looked---with out me telling him I had been squirting this stuff in my tank. I have been using it for a full month in my 220 and I am please to tell you that its rocks. The Red Tiger Lotus get these insane dark red spots on them. The Crypt Balansae have started to show some great darker colors around the lower parts as well... This stuff is totally worth trying out. With this, you aren't only getting the Liquid CO2 Boost. More Importantly, you are getting a FULL write up of how to properly use it to get some great plant growth.

Get a bottle and try it out. BUY some Liquid CO2 Boost! (NOTE- This price reflects the cost of shipping this product, post office raised shipping again)

CAUTION: This is not for tanks with sensitive fish, shrimp or anything that you are worried about being stressed. This bottle is 500 ML. (treat your 55 for three months) 5 ML will treat a 50 gallon tank ONCE A DAY. 1 pump for a 10 gallon daily 2 pumps for a 20 gallon daily 3 pumps for a 30 gallon daily 4 pumps for a 40 gallon daily 5 pumps for a 50 gallon daily 8 pumps for a 75 gallon daily 12-13 pumps for a 125 daily My 220 gets 20 pumps daily. 

Don't Forget To Buy our Growth Juice and Iron Supplements for your plants!!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Anderson
Another great buy!

I can't wait to see what my plants are going to do after getting a few squirts of the liquid CO2! My next purchase will be the fertilizer. ALWAYS EXCELLENT PRODUCTS!👍

Michael Ernzen
Works great

I tried this product every day and it worked as expected, but dialed it back to 2-3 times per week because it was too much for some of what I used to call "nuisance snails" that came with the plants. At first I wasn't thrilled about the snails, but quickly discovered their importance in cleaning the plants and tank in general. Note: It did not seem to harm any of my fish or the specialty snails I bought from the local pet store.

Gary Jones

All your plants ,frets,and knowledge is all an aquarist needs.well maybe some fish too.

Lyndsi Fine
Co2 and Iron

I just purchased Dustin’s Liquid Co2 Boost and Iron (already have the growth juice) I’ve had it for a few days now and I can already see a difference in my plants. You can start to see some red come out in plants that I’ve never seen before. My reds seem a lot brighter as well. My plants look a lot more livelier now. Every day 2 pumps of Co2 and every other day Iron and Growth Juice alternate between the two. I’ll definitely be purchasing more when needed. Now I’m about to make my 4th purchase of plants from Dustin! I can’t get enough :)

John Brandt
Buy y

I am a novice aquarist and have been using this for three months. My plants are healthy, vibrant and verdant.