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Liquid CO2 Plant Booster (Aquarium Plant Fertilizer)

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Give your Plants a CO2 Boosting. Want better looking plants quickly? I am pleased to announce my own Plant Booster Liquid CO2 as the next Fertilizer available from Dustin's Fish Tanks. Carbon Dioxide is something that EVERY Planted Aquarium could use more of. (People ask me constantly- Dude, do I need CO2?)

You certainly need some. Remember folks, - Plants breath the opposite of human. Humans breath in and use oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide. YOUR Aquarium Plants do just the opposite. Plants absorb Carbon Dioxide and produce Oxygen. So give your plants what they want more of, Give them more CO2 This CO2 formula has been a blast to perfect and adjust in my own 220.

Even Steve came over and mentioned how much more lush everything looked---with out me telling him I had been squirting this stuff in my tank. I have been using it for a full month in my 220 and I am please to tell you that its rocks. The Red Tiger Lotus get these insane dark red spots on them. The Crypt Balansae have started to show some great darker colors around the lower parts as well... This stuff is totally worth trying out. With this, you aren't only getting the Liquid CO2 Boost. More Importantly, you are getting a FULL write up of how to properly use it to get some great plant growth.

Get a bottle and try it out. BUY some Liquid CO2 Boost! (NOTE- This price reflects the cost of shipping this product, post office raised shipping again)

CAUTION: This is not for tanks with sensitive fish, shrimp or anything that you are worried about being stressed. This bottle is 500 ML. (treat your 55 for three months) 5 ML will treat a 50 gallon tank ONCE A DAY. 1 pump for a 10 gallon daily 2 pumps for a 20 gallon daily 3 pumps for a 30 gallon daily 4 pumps for a 40 gallon daily 5 pumps for a 50 gallon daily 8 pumps for a 75 gallon daily 12-13 pumps for a 125 daily My 220 gets 20 pumps daily. 

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Your plants will never look better

Extremely helps plants absorb all the nutrients in the soil and the water column! I had a couple anubias and buce melting on me, but no longer!!! Cannot reccomend this more!!!

Quick response on orders

I have always received a quick response and good products from Dustins Fishtanks. The CO2 booster is top notch.


I really like the CO2 but unfortunately I didn't receive pump with it so I have to measure it out.

Mistake ordered the wrong stuff my fault

Unfortunately I ordered the Co2 booster by mistake need to order the green juice fertilizer instead. Sending back the CO/2.....hoping green juice is 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.

Whatever this stuff is, it works.

I wanted to wait until I used at least half the bottle before reviewing this product. I purchased this specifically for two planted tanks I started that were not doing good, a 10G and a 29G. Before trying this out I was only using liquid ferts but my plants were struggling. Water sprite was almost white, swords were full of pinholes and brown edges, dwarf sag yellowing/melting. It was all surviving but not much of any growth. As I learned most of my plants were root feeders, I added root tabs. That’s when the hair algae started to take over.
Now, I never intended to use this for algae control. I was just trying to find the right balance for a nice-looking planted tank. Along with the CO2 booster I also added iron and potassium to the schedule. The algae, I just kept removing as best I could in hopes that achieving balance would correct that. After a couple weeks of CO2 booster, the 10G was really looking bad. It looked like a volcano dumped ash on everything. Clouds of grey fluff everywhere. Wait….that’s dead algae! I did a 50% WC siphoning all the fluff out in the process. The water sprite in that tank is growing about 2’’ a day now with new growth reaching the top in a week. The melon sword has multiple new leaves, sag is sending out runners. Even the African water fern rhizome I totally forgot was glued to a rock started shooting new fronds. Everything is green again. After I noticed the algae in the 29G was also starting to die off, I went in and really trimmed it back. That’s when this tank really took off. It is the best it has ever looked.
What I have discovered with the CO2 booster is that 3 pumps were equaling a strong 5ML, not exactly the 1ML per pump stated on the bottle. Maybe that had something to do with it maybe it didn’t. I’m not that concerned about it. I will continue to dose 3 pumps in the 29G and 1 pump in the 10G daily because that is what is working in my tanks. None of my plants or fish seemed stressed over the dosage.
Tank on.