Rotala Rotundifolia "Red" HARDY RED Aquarium Plant for sale

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Rotala Rotundifolia "Red"

Has a gorgeous pink and red vibrancy that isn't easy to describe. These guys we have are huge growth!!!

They are fairly easy to keep and are a beginner plant. The Rotundifolia has a moderate growth rate and enjoys Iron supplementation to fill it's color. Light up your tank with this gorgeous pink and red Rotala!

We give it a 2 on a difficulty scale from 1 to 10!

Care Scale of 1-10:

2.  Rotalas are included in our BEGINNER PLANTED AQUARIUM COMBO PACKAGE for a reason! It is a super EASY RED Aquarium Plant.


My experience with Rotala is that it is undemanding of high light, but will grow more compact in higher light. Rotala rotundifolia will be a bit more leggy in lower light.

Where to Plant:



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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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This plant rocks, highly recommend

This plant is awesome. I ordered it & wow, Dustin's team even sent me extras. It is very beautiful in various lightening, still looking a bit red even in a couple of my lower light tanks. If you have not tried it you should; Dustin has the best plants that have already started converting to the underwater aquarium setting.

Great plants

Giving these a 4 out of 5 only because they’re not fully converted to under water growth. An actual review of the plant itself. Service and communication was 5 star service!

Nice accent among green and red stem plants. Shape and color of the leaves are eye catching.

I have a 20g long Iwagumi setup, but wanted to have stem plants in the background which is unorthodox for iwagumi setup. Bought Rotala Rotundifolia and several plants from Dustin including Ludwigia Triple Red, Myriophyllum Tuberculatum, Cabomba and Hornwort. The tank looked even better with the stem plants. Here's a pic on 2nd day. Hope I can keep these plants happy for a long time. Tank Setup: 20G, Finnex Planted+ 24/7 LED, Fluval 207 with Fluval surface skimmer, sponge filter and Fluval Stratum. Thanks D for the extras :D!

Thumbs up

The order took a bit longer to ship than would be expected but it wasn’t an inconvenience to me. Due to the shipping delay they sent me a free bundle of cabomba along with my order. The Rotala I ordered was in great shape and the cabomba was absolutely gorgeous. All the new growth on my Rotala is green and has me scratching my head but I’m overall very pleased with everything. I’ll be placing future orders for sure.


This plant was not in stock when I ordered.
I received a call, from the man himself, regarding this little glitch.
I was given the option to replace it with another plant, or wait until it was back in stock.
I decided to wait until the next week.
I was surprised that they came I so quickly.
My man even sent a couple extra bundles of this beautiful plant.....
Very pleased and will definitely will be doing business in the future!