Rotala Rotundifolia Aquarium Plant For Sale

Rotala Rotundifolia "Red" HARDY RED Aquarium Plant for sale

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Rotala Rotundifolia "Red"

Has a gorgeous pink and red vibrancy that isn't easy to describe. These guys we have are huge growth!!!

They are fairly easy to keep and are a beginner plant. The Rotundifolia has a moderate growth rate and enjoys Iron supplementation to fill it's color. Light up your tank with this gorgeous pink and red Rotala!

We give it a 2 on a difficulty scale from 1 to 10!

Care Scale of 1-10:

2.  Rotala is included in our BEGINNER PLANTED AQUARIUM COMBO PACKAGE for a reason! It is a super EASY RED Aquarium Plant.


My experience with Rotala is that it is undemanding of high light, but will grow more compact in higher light. Rotala rotundifolia will be a bit more leggy in lower light.

Where to Plant:



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