Mayaca Sellowiniana

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Mayaca Sellowiniana is amazing plant! It's star like appearance from above is breath-taking!

It loves plenty of iron to keep it's green glow and is slightly more demanding.

If you are already keeping plants like Rotala or Ludwigia... I would try this out.

Mayaca Selowiniana give you that "Fluffy/ feathery" look.  I has a unique soft look to it from its fine leaves. 

Just by the nature of its thin leaves, it will require a bit more care, but it isn't impossible.  I would call it a "Tier 2" plant if you will.

Mayaca has done the best for use with higher amounts of light.  I would give it a tad more water flow just to keep particles from getting stuck on it.

This plant would be great with any kind of shrimp you have as it would simply be awesome to watch something climbing on it.

Care Scale of 1-10:

6 (grows better in good substrate or you can plant in plain gravel) We have it growing without ANY Gravel, but we have good lighting and water changes


Mayaca is a medium to high light plant.

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