Ludwigia Inclinata (Wow Red)

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If you are keeping any intermediate plants.... NOW IS THE TIME TO TRY THESE. They have NICE ROOTS and great growth! 

This plant is another Ludwigia!!! Just like any ludwigia it's a more light demanding plant. Inclinata is a light demanding monster. THESE PLANTS ARE SIMPLY UNREAL....more bright red than almost anything we sell.

We do suggest Co2 Supplementation with this plant! (It will grow faster have brighter colors)

This plant likes a tad more iron and if you can provide some it will color up better.

You should expect the lower leaves of these to fall back... just plant it deeper

These Ludwigia, unlike our competitors are grown completely submerged (under water.)

Fertilizing this plant is also highly suggested. These guys are hard to keep and we are shipping you a healthy plant.   With less light they will grow more leggy and less red.

These guys are going for an easy price of $14.95, on sale now for 9.95!!!
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Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous plant!

They arrived so fast! Everything I ordered was perfect and the red is stunning!

Eric Ortiz

Beautiful and huge LUDWIGIA!!
I need to buy more!!!
Thanks for the extras!!!!


Great colors and huge. They were sent and were all about 2 ft long. I trimmed them down in half and then planted them. It was like getting double the order in one. Thank you so much.

William Ario

Delivery was fast. Plants came well packaged and ready to go right into my tank. Very pleased with my order.

Timmy Olson
Adding Red to my aqua scape

The plants arrived very quickly and very healthy. I was impressed with the amount of plants sent. Will definitely use Dustin's again.