Crypt Balansae (background crypt aquarium plant)

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NOTE: The photos labeled "AS OF 6/12/23" are the plants that you will receive when you buy this plant. 

Crypt Balansae is one of the taller Crypt varieties that we sell. Its full name is Cryptocoryne crispatula var balansae. Unlike Crypt Spiralis, Crypt Balansae is a little more sensitive. Like most Crypts, it might melt back in your tank when you first recieve it.(It hasn't melted in my 220 yet but that doesn't mean it can't happen) Make sure you plant your C. Balansae in a good substrate with plenty of nutrients available.

It has been my experience that Crypt Balansae is a heavy root feeder, so make sure you at least have some root tabs. It's ruffled, taller leaves give it a nice contrast in your planted aquarium My buddy Bryan demanded that I start stocking this plant, I told him I would under the condition that he wrote the write up, but I had to get it up here... Here is Bryan's take on it ;)

Cryptocoryne balansae is an awesome plant! It can be a center piece plant in a small aquarium or as a filler plant for larger tanks. From beginner to expert, crypt balansae is an outstanding addition to your aquarium. If you are searching for a way to have the look of a ruffle onion but don’t have the room in a small tank, Crypt. Balansae is the way to go. Crypt Balansae’s leaves are narrow. In my tank I have never had a leaf wider than ¾ of an inch. The leaves reach up to 8 or 9 inches and have a wrinkled appearance that add awesome contrast to smoother plants in the tank.

In a dirted tank the Cryptocoryne balansae will take off within a couple months. Generally a slower grower than the more common bronze or green crypts, this plant is worth having in your tank. Whether in gravel, dirted, or just sand, Cryptocoryne balansae will grow. The better the substrate though, the faster the growth. All around this is a killer plant for every level of aquatic enthusiasts. Cryptocoryne balansae in time can spread and produce an amazing mat of dense vegetation. Generally used in the middleground of a tank it adds depth and a splash of something different to every tank. I can't tell you how long this plant will last in stock or even be available for me to get more of..... I only have 10 available.

Try Crypt Sprialis for another long  and thin leaf crypt!

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Customer Reviews

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Amy S

Just read through the description again...I didn't realize I'd gotten 1 of the 10 available! I feel honored😄 this is smaller than I'd expected, so I put it in the foreground for now. Just love the leaves on this!

Daniel B.
Crypt balansae

This crypt arrives in great condition and after 2 weeks only a couple leaves melted.

Dustin L
Super clean

Love this plant!

Mark M
Crypt Balansea

Great plant, no melt 😊


Plants look good and healthy. Arrived in good shape.