Hygrophila Stricta (Red Stem UNIQUE Plant)

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AS OF 12.13.23 these are FIRE!

These are a nice sized Rugged Plant.

This Hygrophila prefers a almost any environment. It enjoys moderate lighting and provides a gorgeous reddish tint to it's beautiful elongated leaves. The red stem helps aid this visual effect. I would say it likes its ph around 6.8 to 7.5.  (We have found it doesn't care for harder water than 7.5....)    Don't over think that- this plant doesn't care!

These plants have beautiful white roots and are completely submerged plants. I would rate it a 3 out of 10 in terms of difficulty as it does prefer a moderate light.   

The more light you give them, the more RED they will give you.  We have grown them in near full sun to get that red stem really popping off and coming out into the leaves.

Under lower light it will be more lighter green.  

We have some fun growing this above water as well. (We just threw it in a high light tub with 2 inches of water and it said "I've got this" and grew up tall and grew up right. 

Unlike most Hygrophila the leaves on this plant are rather soft.   Its a nice contrast to a grassy plant like a Jungle Val.

Don't sleep on this plant or our other hygros. We have them dialed in. 

I would get Three types. a Hygro Cordata Red. A Stricta and a Hygro Compact!
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Customer Reviews

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Kevin Lyons
Live plant

Arrived in Great condition . Doing well so far

Scott Hampson

Great delivery and packaging, beautiful full plant doing great in my discus tank

Brittany Ruh

How do y’all’s plants always show up in such good condition?! Thank you guys, my tank is looking great

the best plants

the best plants i ever purchased both in health and looks

the customer service is outstanding

the only shop to go to

Ronald Bennett
Beautiful Plant

Plant arrived in great shape. They also arrived with some roots already growing. I look forward to these growing in my tank.