Anubias Barteri

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Anubias Barteri can really set off a planted tank. This Anubias is 6 inches tall and has leaves that are bigger than a half dollar. (you will get atleast 5 large leaves per plant) Many of these plants have already flowered and are looking awesome. Anubias Barteri, like most Anubias is a hardy plant. I have started carrying more plants for people who haven't (yet) dirted their tanks.

Anubias Barteri is one such plant that just needs a solid piece of rock or driftwood to attach to and it is good to grow. These plants have been going out in Dustin's Killer Planted tank combos, but I have a few extra so here you go. Get your Anubia Barteri while you can. Super Hardy Plant that will do well in any kind of setup. I am loving how lush this Anubias Barteri is looking, such a lush green... I reserve the right to refund your order if I am low on this plant because it is so phat...

Anubias Barteri

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