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Anubias Barteri "Broadleaf" (Our Largest Anubias)

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(they got off of the plane TUESDAY 3-12)  They have PLENTY of leaves grown under water but might lose a few....they are MEGA Rugged and you will be impressed...but there will be a transition.  

Anubias Barteri
can really set off a planted tank. Anubias Barteri, like most Anubias is a hardy plant. I have started carrying more plants for people who haven't (yet) dirted their tanks.

Anubias Barteri is one such plant that just needs a solid piece of rock or driftwood to attach to and it is good to grow. These plants have been going out in Dustin's Killer Planted tank combos, but I have a few extra so here you go. Get your WS Anubia Barteri while you can. Super Hardy Plant that will do well in any kind of setup. I am loving how lush this Anubias Barteri is looking, such a lush green... I reserve the right to refund your order if I am low on this plant because it is so phat... 
Looking for a smaller Anubias Barteri? Try Anubias Nana Petite or Anubias Nana

Difficulty: On a scale from 1-10. 1 being I can grow it in a toilet and 10 being impossible.

I give Anubias Barteri a 1

Lighting: This plant enjoys a Moderate lighting set-up but grows just fine in lower lighting set-ups.

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Customer Reviews

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Great Plant

Ordered two of these and put one into each of my 20s. Both plants came looking great and are still doing great. One has rooted off my driftwood and down to the substrate, would definitely recommend this plant


I picked up a few Anubias and I think I’m really in love with this tough little plant! I originally had it in my Fancy goldfish tank. It was doing ok and almost flowered. ( it has a bud, but sadly ...) I felt it was just not a good fit and put it into my community planted tank.They decided that they loved me to, and are nice and healthy again. I thought they were goners for a few weeks, but they are doing Great!
I’m inspired to try an anubias bonsai in the near future.
If you want a nice green plant with great thick sturdy leaves, this is the one for you! The leaves on this are a nice textural contrast to many other plants.


Thanks so much for the awesome plants ,which are growing and are healthy 😎😎😎


Ordered 3 about 3 months ago and have been having great growth! Dustin knows how to grow them!

I love ANUBIAS...

I found Dustins fishtanks and right from the beginning he sends me wonderful living, healthy plants. My favorite and apparently easy for me to grow in my, 8, 10, 20gal tanks are the Anubias's. I've never had one die on me yet! Thank you Dustin and gang.
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