Anubias Barteri "Broadleaf" (Our Largest Anubias)

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As of 12.1- these are slightly smaller, but still nice.

Anubias Barteri
can really set off a planted tank. Anubias Barteri, like most Anubias is a hardy plant. I have started carrying more plants for people who haven't (yet) dirted their tanks.

Anubias Barteri is one such plant that just needs a solid piece of rock or driftwood to attach to and it is good to grow. These plants have been going out in Dustin's Killer Planted tank combos, but I have a few extra so here you go. Get your Anubia Barteri while you can. Super Hardy Plant that will do well in any kind of setup. I am loving how lush this Anubias Barteri is looking, such a lush green... I reserve the right to refund your order if I am low on this plant because it is so phat... 
Looking for a smaller Anubias Barteri? Try Anubias Nana Petite or Anubias Nana

Difficulty: On a scale from 1-10. 1 being I can grow it in a toilet and 10 being impossible.

I give Anubias Barteri a 1

Lighting: This plant enjoys a Moderate lighting set-up but grows just fine in lower lighting set-ups.

Customer Tank: Maria Z. "Hey Dustin and team! Just want to say thank you for the awesome plants AND the 1 extra. I can’t believe how big, healthy and full of roots they all are. I will definitely be ordering again!"


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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New aquarium plant addict
Large and healthy!

First order and took advantage of the Black Friday deals with a large order. Very happy with all of it! This Anubias Barteri was the just as advertised at the time and healthy! In addition to the leaves the rhizome was large and very healthy looking. I was able to take a smaller cutting off for my smaller tank and still have a large piece for my big tank. A week later and it still looks great.

Disappointed in the size

Listed as their largest but I've gotten larger and much cheaper from other sellers.

Kathleen ONeal
Great plants

So far these plants look wonderful. Because I’m in the middle of moving, I just have the plants floating in the tank and they’re doing great

Love Anubias Broadleaf

Dustin has the Biggest Beautiful
Anubias Plants...They are Strong
Healthy Plants and I got a Big One
All His Anubias is are Exceptional
Thanks Dustin you the Best!!


The Barteri I received is amazing!! I was expecting to get a plant with a couple of medium sized leaves that I would have to grow out similar to what I have gotten from other sellers when ordering barteri’s in the past. That was NOT the case! The two Barteri’s I ordered and received are HUGE and have tons of beautiful giant healthy leaves. I am SO impressed with these plants! I will definitely be ordering from Dustin’s Fish Tanks again!