Hygrophila Stricta ( Red Stem UNIQUE Plant)

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This Hygrophila prefers a almost any environment. It enjoys moderate lighting and provides a gorgeous reddish tint to it's beautiful elongated leaves. The red stem helps aid this visual effect. I would say it likes its ph around 6.8 to 7.5.

These plants have beautiful white roots and are completely submerged plants. I would rate it a 3 out of 10 in terms of difficulty as it does prefer a moderate light. 

The more light you give them, the more RED they will give you.

Unlike most Hygrophila the leaves on this plant are rather soft.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Keeps dying on me!

Arrived in great shape! I put this plant in quarantine for 30 days & it looked great. I put it in my 20g molly tank, it has root tabs, fertz, the whole 9 yards. All other plants in this tank are growing amazing from you guys, but for some reason this one keeps melting back. ALL the leaves turned brown, so I snipped them. At the bottom there are NEW baby leaves starting to grow. I purchased January 11th & it's now April 24th, I would have figured it to be grown-in by now. Out of all the plants I own (which is a lot) this one just doesn't like me I guess haha.
Great looking on arrival
Good packaging
Just won't grow long term.

So much more than I thought I get

I wasn’t expecting so many stems of this plant compared to the others I got here, not that I’m complaining. The problem I had then was where to plant them lol. Definitely worth the price to me. Another healthy plant bunch in my tank.

First order

Nice bunches. I always wish plants were taller, but these were thick and healthy. Would definitely recommend.

Just Dustin 👋👍

Tanks alot ....I’m looking good tanks to you😜😜😜

Loving this plant

Love my new plant that I ordered more. Plants come in very good condition & fast. Ordering more as we speak.