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Hornwort (The ultimate cover for Fish Fry)

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*Notice* This is a handful portion of Hornwort for $4.49 This stuff grows FAST. Only offering a handful portion.

Hornwort or Ceratophyllum is a super easy to grow plant for your planted aquarium. Hornwort is sometimes called Guppy Grass. I am not sure why it is called Guppy Grass. The obvious answer is that it is great for breeding guppies and other small fishes. The small leaves on Hornwort are perfect for small fry to hide from predators. What else I like about Hornwart is how fast it grows.

Aquarium plants that grow at this kind of rate make for great "filtering" type plants. They can grow and absorb excess nutrients in your planted tank. We have lots of this plant and other fast growing filter plants like Java Moss and Duckweed. Just let us know what you are looking to do.

This plant has super fine leaves which will grow quickly as we have stated, however because of this, expect some of these leaves to fall off initially in your aquarium. This is normal.  It will grow back new growth almost as quickly as it dropped a few :)

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect stem plant for background

I have a 20g long Iwagumi setup, but wanted to have stem plants in the background which is unorthodox for iwagumi setup. Bought Hornwort and several plants from Dustin including Ludwigia Triple Red, Rotala Rotundifolia, Cabomba and Myriophyllum Tuberculatum. The tank looked even better with the stem plants. Here's a pic on 2nd day. Hope I can keep these plants happy for a long time. Tank Setup: 20G, Finnex Planted+ 24/7 LED, Fluval 207 with Fluval surface skimmer, sponge filter and Fluval Stratum. Thanks D for the extras :D!

Awesome so fun!

Thank you Dustin you gave me a huge hand portion and its already clearing my 40 gallon pond it all came very healthy too great packaging :) i cant wait to have more baby fry survive i love fishing them out haha. Thank you for the extras too omg my pond is overloading with plants now thanks to you ! :)


I was surprised at the portion I received. It was a lot bigger than a "handful", and it was healthy... as is everything I have received from them
They are wonderful!!

Love this plant!

I was so surprised to receive two HUGE stems of hornwort! It was in excellent shape, looks great in my aquarium, and really adds an interesting touch! Love it!

Fry shelter

Using this plant as a floater to protect the new fry in my guppy/cherry shrimp 55g. Got a fat chunk and is floating around like I needed it to. Would definitely order again if I ever needed more.