Ludwigia Glandulosa (The Ultimate Mix of Ease and Color)

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Ludwigia Glandulosa.....yum.

We stock 10 different types of Ludwigia.  This one is one of my favorite for this reason:

AS of 5.15.20 they are slightly smaller than shown. SAME COLORATION and beefiness!

Ludwigia Glandulos gives you the MOST Red color for the least amount of work.  (In contrast, a Ludwigia white or Ludwigia Inclinata would like much more light and even CO2 to really thrive) NOT Ludwigia Glandulosa

It comes in to us from multiple supplier from around the world, We have found the version that we like the most that grows rampantly while throwing off Insane color.

We have kept it in basins with hardly any thing but minimal day light, and we have kept it under the Halides we use over the basins.   IT GROWS IN BOTH condition. (obviously under the Halides its BONKERS)

Like other Ludwigias, this is a BACKGROUND PLANT.

I would also secondarily use this plant as an IRON gauge as it seems to give less color when Iron is needed. (Don't over think that, use Iron in small amounts)

I have always thought Ludwigia looks great with a Val as a contrasting background plant of any kind.

On a Scale of 1 to 10.  1 being you can grow it in your Toilet- 10 being, "It's gonna dies soon"

Ludwigia Glandulosa is a 2.  *Only a 2 because you might lose some lower leaves close to the stem in transition.



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